Migrant Students

GCA participates in the Migrant Education Program (MEP). Migrant students in GCA are also provided additional support and supplies to help with their education. GCA receives the names of migrant students from the MEP regional office. If you would like more information, please contact our Homeless Liaisons, Christy Pierce ( or Chasity Collier (

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) currently has no students identified migrant.  GCA ensures that migrant students are identified based on reports loaded to the portal by the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) Migrant Education Program (MEP).  Additionally, the Occupational Survey is completed on-line as part of the enrollment process.  The Migrant/Homeless Education Liaison is responsible for maintaining, updating, and ensuring proper coding of all required migrant coding.  Her responsibilities work in conjunction with other necessary personnel at GCA.  The processes, timelines, and responsible parties are detailed below.

Processes, Timelines, and Responsible Parties

Enrollment and Data Collection

  • Parents of new GCA students complete the registration process on-line via the GCA website.  They complete multiple registration form sections in this process.  The online form contains the occupational survey.  The Occupational Survey contains all migrant identification questions as outlined and written by the Georgia Department of Education.
  • New students complete the occupational survey during registration and enrollment cohorts during the school year.
  • Returning students complete the occupational survey yearly during the re-registration window which occurs in the spring of the previous school year. 
  • The Migrant Education Liaison pulls a “Registration Questions” report from the SIS weekly during all re-registration and registration/enrollment cohort windows.  She utilizes this report to identify possible migrant students based on responses to the Occupational Survey questions. 
  • The Child Find Query (CFQ) is conducted within 10 days of student enrollment.  CFQ responses are documented on student Individualized Plans located in the SIS.  The Occupational Survey questions are part of the CFQ.  These questions are asked, and responses are recorded in the SIS by students’ homeroom teachers.  Responses to the CFQ and Occupational Survey do not determine Migrant Education status of students.  Status is identified as reported to GCA by the GaDOE.
  • Any positive responses returned through the occupational survey will be forwarded by the migrant liaison to GCA’s assigned regional migratory agency office.
  • The Migrant Education Liaison will pull an AdHoc report from the SIS to ensure accurate coding of migrant students identified by GaDOE migrant eligibility reports.
  • GCA will ensure that migrant reports are accessed on the portal when loaded by the GaDOE MEP.  This report will be utilized by GCA as notification of migrant eligibility.  The Migrant Education Liaison will be notified when email notification is received that a report has been loaded.  This report will be shared with the Migrant Education Liaison as notification is received. 
  • The Migrant Education Liaison will ensure proper coding of migrant students in the SIS each time a report is received.  The Migrant Education Liaison and other necessary staff are aware that there are currently no eligible migrant children enrolled at GCA and this status will update only upon GaDOE loaded reports.
  • There is a statement in the GCA district handbook that requests parents/families to notify their homeroom teacher if their status should change during the school year.
  • Training is provided to teachers on the CFQ process yearly by individual school administrators.
  • Homeroom teachers are required to update any status changes during the school year on the CFQ portion of student Individualized Plans upon notification of change.
  •  Homeroom teachers are required to email a status changes to Simone White upon notification of change. 
  • The Migrant Education Liaison pulls an AdHoc report upon status change notification to ensure proper coding in the Student Information System.

Records Transfer

  • The initial records request is handled by the parent during the GCA enrollment process.
  • The Document Processors are responsible for ensuring that this process is complete.  They will follow-up with a 30-day and 60-day email request.  The final request will be sent by certified mail from GCA to parent.

Records Release

  • The Records Clerks will prepare and process the records to be released to the new school.
  • They will maintain daily checks on requests that are submitted via mail, email, office fax, and e-fax.
  • All requests are printed, and time/date stamped as received and sent.
  • Records Clerks will verify student status prior to releasing records.  If students are listed active, the School Counselor is immediately notified.  The counselor will follow-up with the requesting school to ensure the student is attending the school.  The counselor will notify the homeroom teacher who will confirm the withdrawal with the family.
  • The homeroom teacher will save student grades in Total View School to expedite the transfer process.
  • Records Clerks are required to maintain a comprehensive electronic file of necessary documents to be released, to include:  report cards, course completions, and compliance documents if requested, and testing records).
  • All records are to be released within 24 to 48 hours of request to ensure correct placement and student coding in new system.


Christy Pierce

Christy Pierce
Homeless, Foster Care, & Migrant Liaison

Chasity Collier

Chasity Collier
Homeless, Foster Care, & Migrant Liasion