English Learner Process

Student Qualification

Upon enrollment, families fill out the Home Language survey. Students who have a home language other than English are screened for eligibility. Students are screened during a scheduled in-person session using the WIDA™ Screener. Students that score eligible are offered ESOL services and are now considered English Learners (EL).

ACCESS Testing

Annually, our EL students take an English proficiency test to measure their progress in the English Language. The ACCESS is a test created by WIDA™. It is a state required test that EL students enrolled in public school must take each year. The test results help teachers plan lessons according to students English abilities and also measures the effectiveness of the school’s ESOL program.

Testing Participating Committee

The Testing Participating Committee (TPC) is a meeting that takes place annually between the parent, student, and teacher. During the meeting instructional and testing accommodations are discussed. The accommodations allow for the student to access the content curriculum and show mastery of it.

Program Exit

A student exits the ESOL program by scoring on grade level in the English Language as measured by the results of the annual ACCESS test. Students that score high enough will no longer receive ESOL services. They will be monitored by the school for two years to ensure success and mastery of the content curriculum without the service in place.

English Learners