English Learner Placement

W-APT and WIDA™ Screener Placement Test

This is the state required screening test for potential EL students. The W-APT will be used one for 2nd semester Pre-K through 1st semester 1st grade. Students 1st grade second semester through 12th grade will take the WIDA™ Screener. Students who come from other counties or from WIDA™ sister states who have already been screened will not have to take this. All teachers will be trained to give this placement assessment and will assist in testing.

  • 2nd semester Pre-K through 1st semester Kindergarten students whose raw score is 28 or below on the Listening plus Speaking portions of the KWAP-T require language support services.
  • 2nd Semester Kindergarteners and first Semester First graders that receive less than or equal to 28 on the Listening and Speaking Task and less than or equal to 10 on Reading and less than or equal to 11 on Writing are eligible for ESOL services.
  • 2nd semester First Graders to 12th Graders taking the WIDA™ screener that receive less than 5.0 are eligible for ESOL services.

ACCESS: WIDA™ English Language Proficiency Assessment

Every student identified as an EL will be administered an English language proficiency assessment annually; the ACCESS test will be given annually between January and February.

Any student who achieves a score on the annual English language proficiency assessment that is higher than the eligibility cut off score in listening, speaking, reading and writing established by the Department of Education shall be identified to determine if they should be transitioned to a fully English proficient student and placed in a regular classroom.

GaDOE State Flexibility allows students to be exited scoring 4.3 or higher.

GCA only considers students exiting at 4.6 or higher. A Reclassification Meeting must be held to decide if the student will be successful academically without the ESOL services.

Attending the ACCESS test is the student’s attendance for that school day. Not showing up for the ACCESS is an unexcused absence. Students that do not show up to their assigned ACCESS date will be rescheduled for four additional days. If a student doesn’t show up after five days, a truancy email will be sent to the parents. After 5 days of not taking the ACCESS test, students may be administratively withdrawn. Families may apply for an exemption by completing the Hardship documentation. Administration will decide if the hardship is excusable from state testing. The Hardship document will be placed in the students Personal Records.

English Learners