Gifted Program Information

Any student who meets the Georgia gifted eligibility criteria is considered eligible to receive gifted education services at GCA upon verification of records.

Out of State and Off-Cycle Testing

While there is no reciprocity for students identified for gifted outside of the state of Georgia, students who were identified as gifted in another state shall automatically be considered for testing during the next testing cycle at GCA. 

NOTE:  Students may not be scheduled into gifted classes until eligibility has been verified and parent permission has been obtained.


Students eligible for gifted services must meet satisfactory performance in the gifted classroom.  Gifted identified students at GCA being served in the gifted classroom will be evaluated, at a minimum, twice yearly.  Students who do not maintain satisfactory performance in their gifted classes will be placed on probation.

Once a student is placed on probation, the student’s probationary status remains in effect for the remainder of the current year for elementary and middle school students.  For high school, probation remains in effect until the end of the course.  At all levels, transfer students who qualify for gifted services at GCA, but whose performance does not meet continuation criteria, may begin services on probation. 

Voluntary Discontinuation

A parent may request a student be removed from the gifted service program at any time by providing written notification.  Gifted services in elementary resource and middle school advanced content courses must be discontinued for a minimum of 18 weeks before any reconsideration of service can occur, barring extenuating circumstances.

Program Re-Entry

Once identified eligible for gifted services in the state of Georgia, students are not required to re-establish gifted eligibility, regardless of the length of break in service. All re-entry decisions are made on an individual basis by the Eligibility Team. Factors to be considered in the reentry decision should include evidence of the student’s advanced learning needs and the recency and performance levels of any previous gifted program referrals or placements.

Advanced & Gifted Resource Manual [PDF]

If you feel your student qualifies for the Advanced & Gifted program, please contact:

Marchele Nelson

Marchele Nelson
Assistant Director, Advanced & Gifted