Referral & Eligibility

Gifted qualifications are set forth by GaDOE guidelines and implemented in accordance with specific Georgia Cyber Academy program criteria. Once a student is qualified in the state of Georgia for the Gifted program, he or she will not have to retest. Advanced program requirements are subject to change year to year; therefore, students may need to requalify annually to remain in the those courses.


Step 1:

  • Suggested Referral: A student is referred for consideration by teachers, counselors, administrators, or parent/guardians with knowledge of student’s academic abilities


  • Automatic Referral: Students who score at specified levels on nationally norm-referenced tests

Step 2:

  • Eligibility Team: The eligibility team uniformly considers information collected on student referrals.  The team decides if it is appropriate to proceed with formal evaluation.

Step 3:

If the Eligibility team decided that it is appropriate to proceed:

  • Formal Evaluation: Student is referred for Gifted Education in Mental Ability, Achievement, Creativity, and Motivation

If the Eligibility team decided that additional evaluation is not needed:

  • Not Eligible: General Education

Step 4:

  • Eligibility Team: Reviews assessment results and makes recommendation
    • if Eligible: Gifted Services Recommendation
    • if Not Eligible: General Education



If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

Marchele Nelson

Marchele Nelson
Assistant Director, Advanced & Gifted