Advanced & Gifted

The Advanced & Gifted program is designed to provide rigorous instruction and create a supportive school environment to meet the intellectual, academic, social, emotional, and motivational needs of gifted and high-ability learners. Some of the ways we serve our students include:

  • Curriculum compacting
  • Topic enrichment and extension
  • Honors and/or AP (Advanced Placement) courses
  • Advanced and/or accelerated courses
  • Other activities which incorporate academics, multiple intelligences, and social interaction

Advanced & Gifted Resource Manual [PDF]

If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

March is Gifted Education Month!

Gifted Education Month

Did you know? 

Marchele Nelson

Marchele Nelson
Assistant Director, Advanced & Gifted

Stacy Clendenen

Stacy Clendenen
Advanced & Gifted Coordinator
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment