Advanced & Gifted

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The Advanced & Gifted program is designed to provide rigorous instruction and create a supportive school environment to meet the intellectual, academic, social, emotional, and motivational needs of gifted and high-ability learners. Some of the ways we serve our students include:

  • Curriculum compacting
  • Topic enrichment and extension
  • Honors and/or AP (Advanced Placement) courses
  • Advanced and/or accelerated courses
  • Other activities which incorporate academics, multiple intelligences, and social interaction

Parents may have questions about if their child is gifted.  The characteristics described below can help clarify:

Bright Child Gifted Learner
knows the answer asks the questions
is interested is highly curious
is attentive is mentally and physically involved
has good ideas has wild and silly ideas
works hard plays around yet tests well
answers the questions discusses in detail, elaborates
top group beyond the group
listens with interest shows strong feelings and opinions
learns with ease already knows
6-8 repetitions for mastery 1-2 repetitions for mastery
understands constructs abstractions
enjoys peers prefers adults
grasps meanings draws inferences
completes projects initiates projects
is receptive is intense
copies accurately creates new designs
enjoys school enjoys learning
absorbs information manipulates information
technician inventor
good memorizer good guesser
enjoys straightforward, sequential presentations thrives on complexity
is alert is keenly observant
is pleased with own learning is highly self-critical

-Bright vs. Gifted | GATE Calgary

Advanced & Gifted Resource Manual [PDF]

If you have any questions about the program, please contact:

Marchele Nelson

Marchele Nelson
Assistant Director, Advanced & Gifted

Stacy Clendenen

Stacy Clendenen
Advanced & Gifted Coordinator
Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment