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Accessing Your Assignments

One of the advantages to online learning is that all your assignments have been created ahead of time and are available within the course. There are no surprises; because you have a course schedule, you may work ahead. Lessons are conditionally released (unlocked) upon completion of the prior lesson.

Submitting Your Assignments

Save all assignments that are completed and submitted to your instructor, just in case. Always save a copy of what you submit either on a flash drive or on your computer’s hard drive. If there are ever technical issues, you have the assignments ready to submit again if needed. If a problem arises during submittal, email your teacher the assignment with a screen shot of what occurred. Otherwise all assignments should be submitted within the course. All assignment due dates are set and communicated using Eastern Standard Time (EST). Any assignment received after the due date and time according to Eastern Standard Time will be considered late.

Grade Response Time

Please allow a turn-around time of 3-5 school days after submitting an assignment during the Fall and Spring semesters and one school day during the summer semester, although you will often receive your grade sooner. For major projects, teachers may indicate a longer turn-around time for grading. Teachers will notify students when additional time is required to assess assignments such as projects. Keep the turn-around time in mind when planning your schedule so you can turn in assignments and still allow time for feedback.