Sports/ NCAA

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) Core courses (Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies) are NOT NCAA eligible.  This means courses taken at GCA in Math, Language Arts, Science or Social Studies will not be eligible for you to play sports at the NCAA level.

What are your options if you do want to play NCAA sports after high school and continue with GCA?

1. Students can take their Core courses through Dual enrollment with GCA.  Dual enrollment courses are eligible and do count towards NCAA eligibility.  If you have further questions regarding dual enrollment, please contact your counselor who can put you in contact with a GCA Dual Enrollment Counselor

2. Students can take their core courses through Georgia Virtual School (GVS) and take electives with GCA. GVS core courses are NCAA eligible. This option will cost student fees per course.  GCA will not cover the fees.  All GVS courses will need to be approved by your GCA school counselor.