Georgia Cyber Academy recognizes the importance of face-to-face interaction and strives to provide numerous opportunities for students to connect with each other throughout the school year.

Students that are performing below grade level are limited to 2 (two) field trip excused absences per semester. All assignments are still required to be completed. Also, class recordings MUST be reviewed for all required classes.

Students are not permitted to participate in field trips that fall on Pre-Test, NWEA MAP, IA, Final Exams, Access, or Milestones EOG/EOC assessment days unless those exams have been previously completed.

In addition to our regular field trip offerings, GCA students may participate in the following school-wide events:

  • Annual Welcome Back Event (Fall Community Day) at various sites around the state.
  • Annual End of Year Event (Summer Community Day) at various sites around the state

Students are marked as excused from Live Class Sessions for both the GCA school-wide annual events.

Upcoming Events

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