Inspirational Messages of Peace Contest

Plaque of %22The Eternal Flame%22 poem by Natalia Celis, 7th Grade GCA student
a group of people at the international rose garden
a photo of a girl in a rose garden

2020 Contest Winners

Roses of Peace

A symbol of Hope, Friendship, Harmony,

Love, Promises and new beginnings.

A symbol of triumphant peace.

Serenity.  Openess.

With tender hands we plant our seeds

And with serene hearts,

We reap our roses of peace.


by: Autumn Simonds, Grade 11


I say please have PEACE!

Fathers,  uncles, cousins,

Brothers, aunts grandparents,

Children and mothers!

People please realize

Peace is where the solution lies

Now I say please, please

Have some PEACE!!!!

by: Marshall Longshore, Grade 6

Tonette Price

Tonette Price

Community Partnerships Manager
a group of people throwing rose petals in the air