Middle Grades 6-8 Counseling

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What is a school counselor?

School counselors are certified/licensed educators who improve student success for ALL students by implementing a comprehensive school counseling program.  School counselors help all students: apply academic achievement strategies, manage emotions, apply interpersonal skills, and plan for postsecondary options (higher education, military, work force).  (ASCA)

What can a school counselor help students with?

  • Academic concerns
  • Personal concerns
  • Social concerns – Conflicts or issues with friends
  • Questions about students’ schedules
  • Information about colleges and careers

GCA Middle Grades School Counseling Program 

GCA’s middle grades school counseling program will focus on supporting students in the areas of academic, social-emotional, career and college education. The goal of the program is to empower students with confidence, self-awareness, good relationships, and the social skills to be successful in every area of life.

GCA’s middle grades school counseling program will work with other school supports to provide preventive K-12 school wide initiatives such as the Red Ribbon Campaign, Anti-Bullying, child safety program, and Career Day. Activities will engage students to promote healthy decisions and personal - emotional growth opportunities.

Middle Grades School Counseling Services and Programs

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