Grades K-5 Counseling

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Elementary Counseling Services & Programs

Elementary School Counselors

Elementary Individual & Small Group Counseling

Counseling Sessions

Individual and group counseling sessions are offered as needed. Grief/loss, family changes, and self-esteem are a few of the reasons that students might need to talk with the counselor. Please email or call Mrs. Edgecombe to refer a student for counseling. 

Academic Based Small Groups

This school year, the GCA Counseling Department will use data to select students that might benefit most from additional support and encouragement as they strive toward their highest potential academically. If your child is invited to participate, they will receive lessons some weeks, and other weeks a personal phone call from the counselor to ensure they feel successful, supported, and motivated as they grow in becoming a lifelong learner.

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Upcoming Elementary Counseling Events

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Elementary School Counseling & Social-Emotional Learning

Counseling Program:

GCA’s Elementary School Counseling Program will focus on supporting students in the areas of academic, social-emotional, and career education. Goal is to empower students with confidence, self-awareness, good relationships, and the social skills to be successful in every area of life. Elementary School Counseling program will provide early intervention, prevention, and support initiatives.

GCA’s Elementary School Counseling Program will work with other school supports to provide preventive K-12 school wide initiatives such as the Red Ribbon Campaign, Anti-Bullying, Great Kindness Challenge, and Career Day. Activities will engage students to promote healthy decisions and personal- emotional growth opportunities.

Core Essentials Character Education Program:

Core Essentials character education program will involve the entire school community including students, teachers, and families. Values set the stage for a common language to be used across the entire school community. Each month, videos, activities and lessons will center on a value word and its accompanying definition (or application). Values will reinforce three big ideas: how to treat others right, make smart decisions, and maximize their potential.

Whole Group Classroom Guidance:

Classroom Guidance lessons will be provided to students in grades K-5 and will cover self-esteem topics, career education, and Growth Mindset lessons and activities. Sessions will be held in class session and be provided on a rotation schedule. Sessions will promote personal and social-emotional growth, career exploration, and teach a growth mindset to students. Students will understand that they can get smarter through hard work, good strategies, and an “I Can” attitude.