Graduation Counseling

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2024 Graduation Weekend

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Graduation Coaches

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Jermal McCoy

Graduation Coach Manager

Tangela Sanders

Lead Graduation Coach

Savannah Hooks

Graduation Coach: A-Bx

Breanna Collier-Sidney

Graduation Coach: By-Du

Jamarcus Rodgers

Graduation Coach: Dv-Hd

Monique Brown

Graduation Coach: He-Lan

James Wright

Graduation Coach: Lao-Nid

Tanya Riley-Thompson

Graduation Coach: Nie-Sh

Deidra Ellington

Graduation Coach: Sl-Vd

Mary Bryant

Graduation Coach: Ve-Z

Graduation Requirements

Credits required to be a:

  • Sophomore: 5
  • Junior: 11
  • Senior: 17
  • Graduate: 23

A total of 23 units are needed to meet graduation requirements.

Valedictorian is the Summa Cum Laude graduate who has the highest GPA
Salutatorian is the Summa Cum Laude graduate who has the second-highest GPA.

Four (4) Credits of English/Language Arts

(1 credit each) (R=required)

  • 9th Grade Literature & Composition (R)
  • British/World Literature
  • American Literature: (R)
  • Multicultural Literature

(Various options: AP® and DE classes)

Four (4) Credits of Mathematics

(1 credit each) (R=required)

  • Algebra I (R)
  • Geometry (R)
  • Algebra II (R)
  • College Readiness Math and Statistical Reasoning

(Various options: Foundations of Algebra, Algebra/Geometry, Geometry/Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, DE Math, AP Math)

Four (4) Credits of Science

(1 credit each) (R=required)

  • Physics (R)
  • Biology (R)
  • Chemistry/Earth Systems/Environmental Science/AP®Science (one is required)
  • Forensic Science

(Various options: AP®Science, DE Science, transferred Science course)

Three (3) Credits of Social Studies


  • (World Geography is a 1.0 credit elective taken by 9th grade students to prepare them for 10th grade courses: World Literature and World History)
  • World History (1 credit) (R)
  • US History (1 credit) (R)
  • Economics (0.5 credit) (R)/American Government (0.5 credit) (R)
One (1) Credit of Health (0.5) and Physical Education (0.5)
  • General Health: (0.5 credit)
  • Personal Fitness: (0.5 credit)
Three (3) Credits of CTAE/Modern Language/Fine Arts

(Any combination below)

Students are encouraged to select 3 credits in a focused area of interest:

  • CTAE—Career Pathway
  • Modern Language/Latin—Students seeking admission to a four-year college or university in Georgia must take a minimum of 2 units in the same language.
  • Fine Arts—Area of Interest
​Four (4) Additional Elective Credits:

4 credits in addition to courses prescribed above

100 supervised hours of community service will earn student 1.0 credit as a service learning elective. (encouraged, not required)

NOTE:  There are external program that offer students a chance to earn academic credit that GCA will accept. These classes are taken at cost. Please check with your counselor before signing up and paying for a class.