Graduation Counseling

graduate standing beside school mascot and holding diploma

Senior Counselors

2020 Graduation Weekend


  • Honors Day: Friday, May 29, 2020
  • Prom: Friday, May 29, 2020
  • Graduation: Saturday, May 30, 2020

More information coming soon.

Graduation Requirements

Credits required to be a:

  • Sophomore: 5
  • Junior: 11
  • Senior: 17
  • Graduate: 23

A total of 23 units are needed to meet graduation requirements.

Four (4) Credits of English/Language Arts

(1 credit each) (R=required)

  • 9th Grade Literature & Composition (R)
  • British/World Literature
  • American Literature: (R)
  • Multicultural Literature

(Various options: AP® and DE classes)

Four (4) Credits of Mathematics

(1 credit each) (R=required)

  • Algebra I (R)
  • Geometry (R)
  • Algebra II (R)
  • Advanced Mathematical Decision Making/Practical Math

(Various options: Foundations of Algebra, Algebra/Geometry, Geometry/Algebra II, Pre-Calculus, Statistics, DE Math, AP Math)

Four (4) Credits of Science

(1 credit each) (R=required)

  • Physics (R)
  • Biology (R)
  • Chemistry/Earth Systems/Environmental Science/AP®Science (one is required)
  • Forensic Science

(Various options: AP®Science, DE Science, transferred Science course)

Three (3) Credits of Social Studies


  • (World Geography is a 1.0 credit elective taken by 9th grade students to prepare them for 10th grade courses: World Literature and World History)
  • World History (1 credit) (R)
  • US History (1 credit) (R)
  • Economics (0.5 credit) (R)/American Government (0.5 credit) (R)
One (1) Credit of Health (0.5) and Physical Education (0.5)
  • General Health: (0.5 credit)
  • Personal Fitness: (0.5 credit)
Three (3) Credits of CTAE/Modern Language/Fine Arts

(Any combination below)

Students are encouraged to select 3 credits in a focused area of interest:

  • CTAE—Career Pathway
  • Modern Language/Latin—Students seeking admission to a four-year college or university in Georgia must take a minimum of 2 units in the same language.
  • Fine Arts—Area of Interest
​Four (4) Additional Elective Credits:

4 credits in addition to courses prescribed above

100 supervised hours of community service will earn student 1.0 credit as a service learning elective. (encouraged, not required)

NOTE:  There are external program that offer students a chance to earn academic credit that GCA will accept. These classes are taken at cost. Please check with your counselor before signing up and paying for a class.