Bridge Bill Requirements

The BRIDGE (Building Resourceful Individuals to Develop Georgia’s Economy) Act, House Bill 400, was signed into law May 2010 to create an atmosphere motivating middle- and high-school students to learn because they see the relevance of education to their dreams and future plans. The implementation of the BRIDGE Act provides middle- and high-school students with career counseling and regularly-scheduled advisement to choose a focused plan of study. 

More information about the Bridge Act for High School students:

What is the BRIDGE Law?


BRIDGE Bill Assignments

Middle School

Middle School students are required to complete activities to satisfy the requirements of the State of Georgia SB 3/Creating Opportunities Needed Now to Expand Credentialed Training (CONNECT) Act and the SB 401/Quality Basic Education (QBE) Act.

Many of the activities associated with these Acts were formerly known as the BRIDGE Bill requirements. Although the names have changed, students still must complete the requirements associated with each Bill.

Completing the requirements gives students a great opportunity to discover which career might be a great fit for them.  Students will also have the opportunity to use the Georgia Career Information Center (GCIS)to explore careers in depth and learn important information such as educational requirements, salary information and job descriptions.

Grade Level SB-3 and SB-401 Requirements

6th Grade

Complete the Career Cluster Inventory (80 Questions)

7th Grade

  • Complete the Career Interest Profiler (60 Questions)
  • Save three Career Clusters in your student portfolio

8th Grade

  • Complete Career Interest Inventory (48 Questions)
    • Inventory should have been completed in 6th Grade.
  • Complete a Career Aptitude Inventory 
    • More information is provided in the spring
  • Complete an Individual Graduation Plan 
    • More information is provided in the spring
  • Acknowledge information was provided on the Dual Enrollment Program 
    • Dual Enrollment Information is provided during the fall and spring classroom guidance

High School

Information coming soon.