Inclement Weather

Throughout the school year, there may be times when you experience extreme weather conditions where you live in the state of Georgia.  In the event you experience inclement weather conditions, if your internet service fails, if you lose power, or if you need to evacuate for safety; we want to reassure you that we understand.  When these events occur, we monitor weather conditions, power outages, and internet provider connection failures throughout the state.

Students will not be held responsible for the live class sessions that they miss due to circumstances beyond their control and will be given an opportunity to catch up on any missed assignments. 

Please follow these steps:

  • Print out or write down your Family Engagement Liaison’s (FEL) name and phone number. If electronic devices fail, then you will have your FEL’s number on hand.
  • If your student is unable to attend their live class sessions due to power outages, internet failure, or the need to evacuate for safety, please contact your Attendance Specialist to report the situation at your earliest opportunity. We completely understand that you may be unable to contact us immediately. Remember that your and your family’s safety comes first.  If you are unsure who your Attendance Specialist is, please contact your FEL.

Family Engagement Liaison Directory

Attendance Specialist Directory

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First page of the PDF file: FEMAThunderstorm
First page of the PDF file: FEMAPowerOutage
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