Class Engagement Guidelines

Live Interactive Class Sessions Engagement Guidelines

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) provides students with a balance of flexibility and appropriate levels of academic support. GCA students will be held accountable for attending live class sessions based on their individualized proficiency level (see “Instructional Levels” chart below). Students identified as Beginning or Developing are required to attend live class sessions to receive intensive teacher support. All new students will be classified as Beginning for at least their first semester to ensure that the student acclimates well to the virtual environment and are compliant to program requirements. The Learning Coach is required to log all daily time per state requirements for students with flexibility status.

Recordings are provided to all students for review; however, live class attendance may be ‘REQUIRED’. Full flexibility students (Proficient) are encouraged to attend live class sessions but may watch recordings if that better fits their schedule. Students who are not participating in the class session may be removed from the room. Flexibility is earned at the proficient and distinguished levels as determined by the Georgia Milestones (or Milestones replacement exam if Milestones is suspended) and NWEA assessments. Students who miss required class sessions may be referred for progressive discipline, including a referral to the Student Attendance Committee and up to withdrawal from GCA. Students who are required to attend live class sessions will be counted absent if not in attendance.

If a student has an emergency that conflicts with a required class session, it is imperative that the legal guardian or learning coach upload documentation of the absence in Nucleus within three (3) school days of the student returning.

Instructional Levels

Instructional Level

EOG Cut Score*

*grades 4-8 only

Interim Assessment Score

NWEA Growth Assessments

Course Average


Distinguished Learner


Above grade level



Proficient Learner


On grade level



Developing Learner


1 year below grade level



Beginning Learner


>1 year below grade level



Notes on Full Flexibility: If a student is granted flexibility from attending live class sessions, then it is possible to do most assigned schoolwork from recorded class sessions; however, even full flexibility students must occasionally interact with their teachers, school personnel, and other students on team projects between the hours of 8am and 4pm. Mandatory tests are also administered between the hours of 8am and 4pm and the student must attend during those times. School conferences, as well as, FEL calls/meetings, IEP, and MDR meetings are typically scheduled during the 8am to 4pm school day, too.

Once a student is granted flexibility, they must demonstrate the ability to manage that privilege without it negatively impacting their academic performance. They must maintain grade level proficiency as demonstrated through varying data points, turn all assignments in on time, and take all required assessments or flexibility may be revoked. Prior to being granted flexibility from live classes, students must demonstrate proficiency in all core subjects per the state Milestone’s assessments; therefore, it is possible for students to earn a great deal of flexibility in how they structure their school day, but there will be times that they are required to be present during the hours of 8am and 4pm.

New students are required to attend live classes for at least one semester in order to fully acclimate to the virtual academic environment before flexibility is considered. If new students have scored 3-Proficient Learner or 4-Distinguished Learner on all the previous year’s Milestones exams, then after the first semester they may be granted flexibility from attending live classes; however, that would depend on how well they have acclimated to the virtual environment and they would still have to review the recordings for missed live classes.

Regardless of whether a student is struggling or typically does well academically, there may be times that extra support is required to master a skill or concept. When students are invited to a small group reinforcement session or tutoring, they are required to attend the live session even if they have full flexibility.

To avoid absences, families are asked to schedule appointments around required class sessions. Please communicate any special circumstances to your Attendance Specialist AND your teacher.

Learning coaches/parents/legal guardians may submit excuses for absences following the GCA Board Attendance Policy located in the Appendix of this document to their Attendance Specialist.

Students will additionally be held accountable to the attendance and truancy process regarding work completed, student logins, and attendance logged by Learning Coaches. Students failing to attend required live classes will be counted as absent regardless of the attendance logged by the parent or learning coach. GCA staff will also encourage students to remain compliant and engaged.

IMPORTANT: By enrolling your student at Georgia Cyber Academy, you are agreeing to ensure your student is actively engaged in class and that they are completing/submitting their own work on time and in compliance with the assignment’s guidelines. Students are expected to respond to all questions and/or prompts from the teacher during the session to the best of their ability. Students are expected to complete any work assigned during the session or by the assigned deadline. If a student is unable to attend a ‘required’ session live, they will watch the recording even though watching the recording will not excuse the absence.

Number of Missed Required Live Sessions



Displayed on Portal Dashboard


Status of Engagement per the GCA Engagement Policy



Always Engaged



Usually Engaged


System alert

Usually Engaged



Often Engaged


System alert

Often Engaged



Often Engaged


Phone Call

Somewhat Engaged



Somewhat Engaged


System alert

Rarely Engaged



Rarely Engaged


Email from ARB Coordinator to meet with School Administrator

Not Engaged

*Students must attend REQUIRED live class sessions in their entirety in order to be counted present.


Teacher attempts to re-engage non-responsive students









SAC Referral


The Student Attendance Committee (SAC) will determine whether the student will be withdrawn or placed on probation. If needed, the Family Engagement Liaison will begin the process of withdrawal and the student and Legal Guardian will be notified by email of the withdrawal for non-compliance. If a probationary period is granted, the engagement of the student will be reviewed by the SAC at the end of the probationary period and a decision on withdrawal or re-engagement will be made.

Important Notes: Students attending extracurricular or other outside programs (including religious based) will still be held accountable for attending ‘required’ live class sessions. Students traveling, regardless of the time zone they are in, are still held accountable for attending ‘required’ live class sessions, turning assignments in on time, and taking assessments at the assigned time (all stated times are based on Eastern Standard Time Zone).  Trips/vacations will not be accepted as excuses for missing ‘required’ live classes or completing assignments late. Excused Absences are an exception to these provisions although arrangements must be made to make up missed classes and assignments during the timeframe from which the student was absent.

Live Interactive Class Sessions Conduct for Parents and Students

When in a teacher’s online conference platform or online classroom, parents and students are required to sign in using their first name and last initial. In certain cases, other naming conventions may be required, and those directions should be strictly followed.

Guidelines for Parents and Students:

  • Arrive promptly at the scheduled time for your live interactive class sessions.
  • Whiteboard and microphone privileges are assigned at the discretion of the teacher.
  • Direct messaging conversations should be limited to the content of the lesson.
  • Respectful and courteous behavior toward others is always expected.
  • If there are multiple students in your home, each student needs to log into a session individually.
  • Students and parents are expected to follow the etiquette previously described.
  • Students are not allowed to type their full name, address, email address, or phone numbers in the chat box or share that information during live class sessions.
  • Students will not be allowed to cause learning disruptions during live class sessions including use of inappropriate language (typed or oral), posting pictures or images to the whiteboard (unless specifically requested), posting web links (URLs) in the chat box or on the white board, disrespect of teachers or other students. If a student is causing a disruption that negatively impacts the learning environment or engages in behavior that is prohibited, they will be removed from the live class session and their parents will be contacted.

Please keep in mind that individual teachers may have additional guidelines/expectations that are specific to their classrooms

Asynchronous Engagement Expectations

All students will be held accountable to the truancy process regarding work completed, student logins, and attendance logged by Learning Coaches. In addition, students must maintain a high level of academic performance to receive flexibility from attending live class sessions and asynchronous participation.

To remain in good standing, all students must meet or exceed expectations in the following four areas:

  1. Logging into the GCA Online School daily.
  2. Remaining on pace with coursework.
  3. Taking all assessments/tests/exams within the stipulated time period.
  4. Maintaining high performance as evidenced by overall average per course.