Attendance & Withdrawal

Student Attendance Committee & Withdrawal


As a public charter school, Georgia Cyber Academy is required to monitor student attendance in accordance with all applicable statutes and State Board of Education rules. Georgia Cyber Academy’s Student Attendance Committee monitors student attendance. All Georgia Cyber Academy students must be legal residents of the state of Georgia and provide proof of residence at the time of enrollment, re-enrollment, and at any time during the school year if a change in residence occurs.

  • Students are required to follow the school calendar, which includes one hundred eighty (180) school days.
  • All students must log in to the GCA Online School (GOLS) via Canvas every day.
  • All students must log into Google, Clever, and Canvas.
  • Six unexcused absences from required class sessions equals one (1) unexcused day of school.
  • Students are considered present for class if they attend the entire session.
  • Time spent in class will automatically be logged in Nucleus.
  • If a student’s Nucleus attendance records are less than half of the required hours for their grade band, they will be counted absent for that day.
  • Homeroom attendance is required daily for all students.
  • Per SBOE Rule 160-5-1-.02, the minimum number of hours required per school day are as follows:
    • Kindergarten – 3rd Grade 4.5 hours per day
    • 4th – 5th Grade 5.0 hours per day
    •  6th – 12th Grade 5.5 hours per day
  • Dual Enrollment students (full time and part time):
    • are excluded from minimum instructional hours listed below; however, they are not excluded from the minimum instructional days
    • are required to attend homeroom live or watch the recording within two school days
    • are required to log into Canvas and check their inbox on every GCA school calendar day
    • are required to check their student Gmail inbox on every GCA school calendar day
    • are required to log attendance in Nucleus on every GCA school calendar day

Attendance FAQs