Parent /Student Handbooks

Providing support to students and families is a priority at Georgia Cyber Academy. The District Student and Parent Handbook is one of our many forms of support and contains important calendars, contact information, district and school-specific policies and descriptions of the various programs that we offer. Please read the handbook and become familiar with its contents. At Georgia Cyber Academy, every faculty and staff member are focused on helping you succeed.

This handbook sets forth general guidance for parents and students enrolled in Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA). GCA is a charter school and is subject to the laws, rules, and regulations of all Georgia public schools. The charter school guidelines for GCA  and the GCA District Student and Parent Handbook are available for all stakeholders on our website:

The District Student and Parent Handbook may be amended at any time.  Parents will be notified of changes by email.  It is the responsibility of parents and learning coaches to maintain correct and updated contact information to be apprised of changes.                                                                                               

Last amended 2/16/2023

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