K-2 Champion Gallery

Fall Community Day Photo & Art Contest

Horse Barn

Inspiration: I love horses. I wanted to make a barn and pasture area for my toy horses to stay in. I included hay bales, water, and stall for my horses. I also made a tractor to cut the grass.

Name: Rylee M. 

Grade: 2

photo of an egret

Inspiration: My inspiration for this project was being able to get out of the house to observe nature and its entire beauty.

Name: A'Miyah E.

Grade: 1

photo of a bee

Inspiration: Photos around our yard and our butterfly Bush

Name: Lila C.

Grade: 2

photo of a dog

Inspiration: I wanted to walk Ozzy around our neighborhood community to make people smile and happy. They loved his bandana and GCA gear. We all love our Ozzy Wozzy and I loved taking his picture and showing him off.

Name: Kirksey M.

Grade: 2


Inspiration: Art class

Name: Alexander P.

Grade: 2

photo of a snail

Inspiration: going to granddaddys house and walking around yard looking at nature

Name: Carlin U.

Grade: 2