2. ED - Flex Waiver

Do you need a waiver? Yes


Flex Waiver # 1

Local Programmatic Waiver

A. A waiver is requested of an ESSA statutory or regulatory requirement applicable to the following program(s) (Please select all that apply):
 âœ”  Title I, Part A
  Title I, Part C
  Title I, Part D
  Title II, Part A
  Title IV, Part A
B. Define the specific statutory or regulatory requirement to be waived. 15% carryover cap
C. If waived, what will be done that is different from what is currently required under the statute or regulation cited? Note: The LEA response must include a statement/evidence that the underlying purposes of the statutory requirements will continue to be met. GCA will be doing traditional funding in FY24.
D. What are the overall expected results or the measurable educational goals that will be achieved through application of this waiver?(Please include both districtwide and/or local school level results or measurable goals) Future draws will be 100%.

E. How was public notice made regarding this waiver? (Please select all that apply)

 âœ”  LEA Website
  LEA/School Newsletter
  Other (Please specify)
Please provide any comments received as a result of the public notice here: None at this time.