3. Needs Identification and Root Cause Analysis

3.1 Strengths and Challenges Based on Trends and Patterns

Read the trends and patterns summaries from each section of the data analysis process. Use the information in these summaries to complete 3.2 and 3.3. Using the summaries in 3.1 and other local data, describe the strengths and challenges or answer the guiding questions for each program. Include strengths and challenges related to: a) general program implementation, and b) students and adults involved in or affected by the program. Focus on strengths and challenges that will assist in the identification of needs during 3.2. Watch the Identifying Need webinar for additional information and guidance.

3.2 Identification and Prioritization of Overarching Needs

Use the results of 3.1 to identify the overarching needs of the LEA. Determine the priority order of the identified needs based on data, team member and stakeholder knowledge, and answers to questions in the table below. Be sure to address the major program challenges identified in 3.1. Watch the Identifying Need webinar for additional information and guidance.

3.3 Root Cause Analysis

Select the top 2-4 overarching needs from 3.2. Conduct a separate root cause analysis (RCA) for each need. Any RCA tools and resources can be used, but suggestions are available as part of the Identifying Need webinar. After describing the RCA process, complete a table for each selected overarching need.