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Federal Programs supports all aspects of school improvement, professional development, and student supports through the use of Federal funds and various grants.

Federal Programs Team 2022

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) is a School Wide Title I school. The goal of the schoolwide Title I program is to improve the entire educational program in a Title I school, which would result in improving the academic achievement of ALL students, particularly the lowest-achieving students. 

TITle i program


Watch this video to see the Math and Phonics manipulatives included in the student kits. These kits are available for students in K-5th grade. Math components 6th-8th grade.

Math Kit


SORA and Library Partnerships:  

GCA’s virtual Library is provided through SORA. GCA students and staff have access to thousands of ebooks and audio books through the SORA app. Feel free to download SORA/Overdrive to tablets and mobile devices to read on the go. GCA Library Partnerships

sora's here - check it out

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Julie Ferrer

Julie Ferrer
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Federal Programs