Family Engagement Team

The Family Engagement Team was implemented over a decade ago to provide support to our students and learning coaches. The team has grown from a team of five to a team of approximately a hundred! Our families can expect the support of a Family Engagement Liaison (FEL) from the time they start their academic journey at GCA and on throughout their time here.

The Family Engagement Team provides encouragement and support to students and learning coaches in their navigation of our virtual school environment. The Family Engagement Team also supports our students in overcoming many challenges (academic, social, emotional, medical and otherwise) to succeed in school and beyond by liaising with all GCA departments in order to better serve our students’ and families’ individualized needs. The team’s holistic approach includes early intervention, support services, and linking families to school and community-based resources. FELs, Family School Partnerships Coordinators, Family Resource Coordinators, and content teachers work collaboratively with our families to stay connected, informed, and encouraged in our on-going effort to serve our students well, provide an environment where they can be successful, and work with families to provide the extra help needed to enable students to stay motivated and on track.

GCA’s  Family Engagement Team is celebrating our 13th school year!!  Even though we have changed our roles and our processes over the years, one thing has remained the same — we LOVE our families!

Family Engagement Team at PD

You may be surprised at all of the things this team does!

Below are just a few...

Family Engagement Team

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Mindy Zeigler

Mindy Zeigler

Family Engagement Liaison

Family Engagement Liaisons

The Family Engagement Liaison (FEL) provides a range of services to students and their family to help them be successful at GCA.  The goal is to provide support to students by collaborating with teachers and parents to ensure student’s academic achievement and successful completion of school (or grade level standards).  The FEL will collaborate with other team members to provide resources, training, facilitate engagement, and promote effective communication practices between parents, teachers and other support staff.

  • Facilitates a close working relationship between families and other school staff by being a main point of contact.
  • Guides new families through the Strong Start/Stay Strong Process (onboarding) to ensure understanding and navigation of the main online school platforms. Provides troubleshooting and basic platform support throughout the school year. (Canvas, Clever, G-suite (Google Tools), Jigsaw, Infinite Campus, Nucleus (Attendance Program), etc.)
  • Initiates regular and frequent contact with families to encourage attendance and compliance with school requirements and initiatives
  • FELs and content teachers work together with families to provide the extra help needed to enable students to stay motivated and on track.
  • Guides and directs the student through using the Online School Platform.
  • Informs students and families of school updates/ information.
  • Provides support in all areas of successful student learning and achievement.

Family Engagement Liaisons are available Monday-Friday from 8 am until 4 pm. If you are unable to reach your FEL, you should expect to receive a response within twenty-four hours (on school days).

Family Engagement Liaisons

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