Nucleus Quick Guide

Learning Nucleus_ Attendancelogin

Step 2

UPLOAD AN EXCUSE: If your student is absent, you can submit a
note using the uploads tab in Nucleus. Save
and submit. This will go directly to your
Attendance Specialist.

Step 1

Log into Nucleus, watch the video in the above link for a step-by-step instruction. 

Learning Nucleus_ Attendanceupload
Learning Nucleus_ Attendancereview

Step 3

REVIEW ATTENDANCE: Once you are in Nucleus, click on your student. Then, click the drop-down arrow to view missed classes.

Step 4

To add time, click on the timekeeper and add an activity!

Learning Nucleus_ Attendance log time
Learning Nucleus_ Attendance app

Step 5

Download the GCA App. Watch video below.

Instructions on how to download the App

Learning Nucleus_ Attendance hours

Step 6

Attendance must be checked in the Nucleus attendance program by the Learning Coach daily in accordance with GCA procedures and guidelines. If necessary, attendance must be logged promptly. Students who are required to attend ‘live’ class sessions will be counted absent if not in attendance, regardless of parent-entered attendance. Per SBOE Rule 160ā€5ā€1ā€.02, the minimum number of hours required per school day are as follows:

  • Kindergarten 4.5 hours per day
  • 1st through 3rd grade 4.5 hours per day
  • 4th through 5th grade 5.0 hours per day
  • 6th through 12th grade 5.5 hours per day

Attendance Live help

Still, need help with Nucleus? Attend an Attendance Live Help session

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