Middle School Grading

Our mission is to provide an exemplary individualized and engaging educational experience for all students by incorporating school, family and community partnerships, coupled with rigorous curriculum within a data-driven and student-centered instructional model. Student success will be measured by valid and reliable assessment data and continued institutional growth within the academic community. In the spirit of the student success measurement component, the following guidelines outline our mastery-based grading principles and expectations.

Students will be provided with a syllabus containing all content area information.

All grades will be posted in Infinite Campus.  Instructions for logging into the Infinite Campus Parent Portal can be found on our Infinite Campus page.

Numeric Grading Scale

6th-8th Grades

6th - 8th Grading Scale

Final grades are reported numerically based on the following grading scale:  

A: 90 - 100  

B: 80 - 89  

C: 70 - 79  

F: 69 and below

Grades at or above seventy percent (70%) are considered passing.  Students taking high school courses will earn 0.5 credit for each semester grade at or above seventy percent (70%).

Grades are calculated as outlined below*:

Gradebook Category   Percentage
Coursework Discussions, curriculum lessons, quizzes/ checkpoints, etc. **Teacher may adjust, add or delete assignments with approval for Chair/ AA with no less than 5 assignments/ semester 25%

Unit Tests, Teacher-created Assessments, Writing tests, Unit Assignments, Interim Assessments, etc.

4-6 per semester

Extended Coursework*

Projects, research papers, essays, labs, etc. Science Fair grade can be added as extra credit in this category

1st Semester: 5

2nd Semester: 3

Reinforcement Assignments

Review Activities, IXL, Wowzers, Map Skill assignments, Standards Notebook assignments, Study Guides, etc.

10 per semester (practice platform)

Class Engagement Compliance Student is adhering to their class engagement requirements 10%
Mandatory Benchmark, Growth, Summative Assessment Participation

Pre-Test, NWEA MAP, Interim Assessments, Milestones, etc. These assessments are mandatory. This section gives credit for participation.

9 total

Final Exam

Last interim assessment of each semester (counts as grade received)

1st Semester: 1

2nd Semester: 2

TOTAL   100%


*Elective grades are calculated as outlined below:

Gradebook category   Percentage
Coursework As assigned by electives teacher 50%
Assessments As assigned by electives teacher 50%
TOTAL   100%


*Note: A Project/Paper may be broken down into 5 sections if necessary for extended coursework section.

  • Mandatory Benchmark/Growth/Summative Assessment Participation grades shall be either 0% or 100%, based on whether the assessment was taken or not.
  • Students may earn over 100% on any assignment/test/benchmark with extra credit.
  • A student’s overall cumulative average grade may be over 100% in a grade level’s subject area.
  • A student’s overall cumulative grade earned in any subject/course shall be reflected on their report card/transcript and accurately reported in Infinite Campus to the second decimal place.
  • Teacher graded assignments should be graded within seventy-two hours of submission, Monday-Friday.

Consistent and steady use of resources for practicing content skills will be assigned by the content teacher(s) in all subject areas and is a critical component in preparing for the End of Grade Testing.  It will also provide frequent feedback for both the parent and teacher on how well the student is mastering the Georgia Performance Standards. Illuminate is also used for interim assessments for the content areas.  Teachers will provide the instructions to accessing these assignments via Canvas, classes and email communications.

Required Courses

6th Grade

The following courses are required for grades on 6th Grade Report Cards

  • Math
  • English/Language Arts (ELA)
  • Social Studies
  • Health - 1st semester
  • Physical Education (PE) - 2nd semester
  • Keyboarding

7th Grade

The following courses are required for grades on 7th Grade Report Cards

  • Math
  • English/Language Arts (ELA)
  • Social Studies
  • Health - 1st semester
  • Physical Education (PE) - 2nd semester
  • Computer Science

8th Grade

The following courses are required for grades on 8th Grade Report Cards

  • Math
  • English/Language Arts (ELA)
  • Social Studies
  • Health - 1st semester
  • Physical Education (PE) - 2nd semester
  • Computer Science

Optional Courses

7th Grade

The following courses are optional and will be graded on 7th Grade Report Cards

  • Art
  • Middle School Spanish 1

6th Grade

The following courses are optional and will be graded on 6th Grade Report Cards

  • Middle School Spanish 1

8th Grade

The following courses are optional and will be graded on 8th grade Report Cards

  • Art
  • High School Spanish (Gifted/Advanced)

Grade Response Time

Grade Response Time

Please allow a turn-around time of 3-5 school days after submitting an assignment during the Fall and Spring semesters and one school day during the summer semester, although you will often receive your grade sooner. For major projects, teachers may indicate a longer turn-around time for grading. Teachers will notify students when additional time is required to assess assignments such as projects. Keep the turn-around time in mind when planning your schedule so you can turn in assignments and still allow time for feedback.

Entering Grades If a student does not complete a mandatory assignment, they will receive a 0% for an incomplete assignment. Teachers will enter 0s each Thursday for any missing assignments. All assignments are graded for accuracy, and the student’s actual score will be entered in the gradebook.

The expectation is that teachers will have up to three school days for extended writing assignments, where more time for review and feedback are needed.

Late Work

Late Work

At Georgia Cyber Academy, students are responsible to access and complete daily assignments, as outlined in each course calendar. Due dates for assignments are posted in each course calendar to ensure that students are informed of appropriate pacing.
All assignments must be completed and submitted no later than 11:59 pm EST on the posted due date.

  • Temporary zeroes are entered as grades for each assignment not submitted by the due date. The temporary zeroes will be calculated into the overall course scores.
  • Students are permitted to complete all assignments up to one week after the due date for partial credit. Assignments received after the actual due date will count for partial credit with a maximum score not to exceed seventy percent (70%). The new grade will replace the temporary zero in the grade book.
  • Assignments received more than one week after the due date will not be accepted for grades, unless prior arrangements have been requested. Permanent zeroes will be entered as grades for these assignments and for assignments not received by the permanent zero deadline.

Due date extensions on assignments may be permitted under some extenuating circumstances with advance approval from school administration. For students with Individualized Education Plans, the IEP accommodations and requirements regarding extended time will be followed.

Note: This is a change from previous years. Work will not be accepted after the one-week time period. Students will not be able to complete missing work at the end of the semester. This change supports foundational learning and better prepares students for assessments.

Commitment to Pacing

Commitment to PacingStudents are expected to remain on pace in their course work and to complete course work in the order in which it is assigned. See "Late Work" above for more information.

Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Extra credit may be offered at the discretion of the teacher. Any extra credit opportunities will be offered to the entire class, not to individual students. Examples of extra credit opportunities include:

  • Study Guides
  • Enrichment Projects

Extra credit will be limited to the weight of one coursework assignment as decided by content grade level and Assistant Principals.  No points will be added to assignments, assessments or category grades.  It is offered to all students.

Report Cards

Report CardsOne of the many features available to students and parents/ learning coaches is a current report of academic progress, grades and attendance information. A parent/ learning coach or student may log in to the system at any time and view the information. Formal progress reports are distributed twice each year at the midpoint of each semester. A report card with comments will be issued at the end of each semester.

Infinite Campus will be used for final grade reporting, transcripts and Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) data. Parents can access the Infinite Campus parent portal by following the directions to create an account. Contact your student’s Family Success Liaison should you need assistance.

How to access the Parent Portal of Infinite Campus:

Log In Screen

Login Instructions

Final Report Cards will be posted in Infinite Campus at the end of the school year.  If Report Cards are not retrieved prior to the start of the new school year, a records request will be required.  

Grade Appeals

Grade Appeals

Course Grade appeals must be submitted in writing to the school principal within thirty (30) days of the term end date. Upon receipt of the appeal, the school principal will lead a review internally among faculty, staff and administration.

A grade appeal may only be disputed for the following reasons:

  • The grade was issued in error. This includes situations where there was a miscalculation of grade points that resulted in a lower grade for the appealing. The student must clearly demonstrate the miscalculation. It also includes situations such as missing records, mistaken grade entries, etc.
  • The student documentation that he or she previously received a higher grade on a similar assignment at the same level of competency.

At least ten (10) business days are required for the principal and his/ her team to review a grade appeal request and issue an official decision. Appeal requests are permitted once per student, per term and all decisions are considered final.

Promotion and Retention

Promotion and Retention

K-8 Promotion and Retention is determined by multiple data points, including but not limited to subject grades, NWEA MAP assessments, Interim Assessments, DIBELS, Write Score Assessments, and Milestones scores. A historical perspective is also considered. Note: The Milestones results are more heavily weighted as this is our only teacher proctored assessment. Parents are provided an opportunity to appeal all retention decisions. See the GCA Promotion and Retention Policy for more information.

High School Course Failure and Repeat Credit

High School Course Failure and Repeat Credit

Failed courses will be recorded as an ‘F’ on the student’s transcript and a zero-quality point will be computed for the course in determining the GPA. Students are permitted to re-take failed courses. Courses required for graduation must be re-taken and passed. If a student re-takes a course, the initial failing grade and the subsequent repeated grade will appear on a student’s transcript and both grades will be factored into the student’s overall GPA.

Grade Replacement/Retakes

Grade Replacement/Retakes

  • Unit tests and quizzes are automatically set at 1 attempt (review Late Policy above.)
    • Students may earn one (1) additional opportunity to retake a unit test or quiz  by participating in a Relearn/recover assignment/session to be determined by the content teacher. If the student does not complete the assignment/session, the original grade will stand. Relearn/recover assignment/session will be due within  7 DAYS from the original assignment due date. 
  • Students will not be allowed to retake an interim assessment or final exam.   

Instructional Cycles

Instructional CyclesFive Interim Assessments will be given throughout the school year, each aligned to assess the state standards. 

Prior to Instructional Cycle 1, students will complete a pretest for Science, Social Studies and Electives.

  • Instructional Cycle 1:  August 5 – September 9
  • Instructional Cycle 2:  September 13 – October 24
  • Instructional Cycle 3-Semester Exam:  October 25 – December 10
  • Instructional Cycle 4:  January 6 – February 10
  • Instructional Cycle 5-Final Exam:  February 14 – March 16
  • Instructional Cycle 6:  March 20 – May 15

Each Instructional Cycle will include a variety of assignments. Assignments may include but are not limited to: constructed responses, labs, quizzes, tests, tickets out the door, moderated discussion boards, projects, essays, and required skills practice in assigned platforms- IXL, Wowzers, iReady, Study Island, etc.

Class Engagement Compliance

Class Engagement Compliance(10% of final grade-see categories above under "Numeric Grading Scale")

5 grades per semester:

  • 2 completion grades –Assignments required/Completed
  • 2 Class Connect engagement grades – Class Connects required to attend/attended
  • 1 final completion grade at the end of the semester, when we return in January/May

Interim Assessments/Semester and Final Exams

Interim Assessments/Semester and Final ExamsBOTH CATEGORIES - Interim Assessments/Semester and Final Exams (IAs) will be administered during the final week of the Instructional Cycle. Interim Assessments 1, 2, and 4 will count as a participation grade in the Mandatory Benchmark/Growth/Summative Assessment Participation category and an actual grade in the Assessment category. For example, Student earns a 100 for completing the assessment in the Mandatory Benchmark/Growth/Summative Assessment Participation Category. The student also earns the actual score, i.e. 87% in the Assessments Category.

It is important that the student do their very best on all the assessments. These give us very important data to determine what standards the student has or has not mastered. Teachers use the data to decide which standards to reteach and reassess.

Semester 1 Final Exam (IA 3) and Semester 2 Final Exam (IA 5) scores will be recorded in the gradebook as a final exam and count 10% each toward the student’s final course average.  They will be graded for accuracy and the student's actual score will be entered in the Final Exam category of the gradebook. 

  • Students may take the Interim Assessments  and Final Exams ONE time.
  • Final exam study guides are REQUIRED to be provided to students
  • Beginning and Developing Learners will complete Final Exams in Live Class Connect in a breakout room with their web cam and microphone on.
  • Proficient and Advanced Learners may take in live class or asynchronously within the assigned week.
Assessment Dates   Grading

MAP- Reading, ELA, Math, Science

Pretest- Sci, SS, Electives

8/05 - 8/08 See schedule in CC for administration.  MAP will be administered by Homeroom teacher. Participation Grade

IA 1

9/09 - 9/12

Assign during class; Monday-Sci; Tu-SS; W-Math/ELA; TH-MA/ELA

Participation Grade and Earned Grade

IA 2

10/21 - 10/24

Assign during class; Monday-Sci; Tu-SS; W-Math/ELA; TH-MA/ELA

Participation Grade and Earned Grade


Semester Exam SEM 1 (IA 3)

12/10 - 12/13

Tests administered by homeroom  teacher beginning at 8:30 until finished.

Earned grade recorded

Winter MAP

12/16 - 12/19

See schedule in CC for administration.  MAP will be administered by Homeroom teacher.

Participation Grade

IA 4

2/10 – 2/13

Assign during class; Monday-Sci; Tu-SS; W-Math/ELA; TH-MA/ELA

Participation Grade and Earned Grade


Final Exam SEM 2 (IA 5)

3/16 – 3/19

Tests administered by homeroom  teacher beginning at 8:30 until finished.

Earned grade recorded

Spring MAP

5/04 – 5/08

See schedule in CC for administration. MAP will be administered by Homeroom teachers.

Participation Grade



Pre-TestScience, Social Studies, Electives Pre-tests are mandatory as these critical assessments help teachers design learning experiences and inform instructional groupings. All students who enroll in the course will be required to complete the pre-test. This pre-test will be entered in to the gradebook as a completion grade only-0% or 100%. A grade of 0% will be given as a participation grade in the gradebook to all enrolled students who have not taken the pretest within the assigned time.

Late Enrollees

Late EnrolleesStudents enrolling after the start of each semester will not be required to complete quizzes given prior to their official course start date. However, it is in the student’s best interest to review the material that was covered prior to their entrance to help them with acquiring future concepts. Each content teacher will communicate to the student/LC the actual date student is responsible for assignments.

New enrollees will be required to take the pre-test and MAP within the first 2 weeks. The homeroom teacher will administer all MAP and content teachers will administer the pre-tests.

Students starting fewer than 3 weeks before the Interim Assessment (IA) still need to take the IA but will only receive a participation grade. The grade under Assessments will need to be excused. Teachers will review the student’s data to see where they need extra support.

Regardless of start date, all students will take a Semester/Final Exam for credit. We expect they have been in school previously, and this gives us a picture of their mastery of the expected standards.

Mid-Semester Grades

Mid-Semester GradesProgress reports will be emailed by each content teacher every 2 weeks- Math/Sci week 1, ELA/SS week 2. Data Coach will email learning coaches/students every 9 weeks an update on PE, Health and Art or MS Spaish  (if taken), High School Spanish (if taken, only offered to 8th grade Gifted/Advanced students).  Final grades will be posted in Infinite Campus at the end of each semester. 

Final Semester Grades

  • December 20, 2019, marks the end of Semester 1. The grades for semester 1 will be finalized on December 20,2019.
  • May 15, 2020 marks the end of Semester 2. The grades for semester 2 will be finalized on May 15, 2020. 

The grades at the end of EACH semester are reported on the student’s final transcript. Grades at the end of the semester 1 are reported on the first semester report card. Grades at the end of the semester 2 are reported on the second semester report card.