How to Access Courses & Classes

  1. Log into to access your email and sign into school.
  2. Once you are signed into your Google account open another tab and go to Clever

Clever login screen
  1. Click the “Log in with Google" option.

  2. Find and select the "Canvas" tile. This is where you will access school each day.  All assignments, classes, and courses are in Canvas.

Hint: Click the heart as you hover over the icon, it will move it to the top and make it a favorite.

Clever home screen
  1. From Canvas you can see your assignments on the calendar tab and see your courses from your dashboard tab.

Canvas home screen

Selecting the tile of your class will direct you to the lessons (Modules) and live classes.  The Module tab will hold the lessons, the Jigsaw button will link  to your live classes. 

Clever login screen