All elective choices must be made one time in the course registration portal in Infinite Campus.   A call/email to your counselor will not be accepted in lieu of elective selections being made in Infinite Campus.  Choose elective classes carefully and remember that every attempt is made to accommodate students’ first choices, but due to scheduling needs, this will not always be possible.  Therefore, please ensure that all choices including alternates are courses in which you would like to enroll.

If a student accurately completed the elective selection process in Infinite campus with alternates chosen and did not receive one of the selected course options, then the student may be eligible for a schedule change.

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CTAE Electives

Understanding CTAE Pathways

Career Pathways refer to a prescribed order of courses that are intended to develop student’s academic and occupational skills within a career category. Throughout the course of study, students will gain an understanding of the relationship between what they learn in school and what employers, colleges and universities expect of high school graduates wishing to enter a specific career field.

CTAE Pathways:

  • Marketing and Management
    • Intro to Marketing I
    • Intro to Entrepreneurship I
    • Intro to Marketing II
  • Web and Digital Design
    • Computer Literacy
    • Image Design and Editing
    • Web Design
  • Computer Science
    • Computer Literacy
    • Computer Science
    • AP Computer Science
  • Teaching as a Profession
    • Examining the Teaching Profession
    • Contemporary Issues in Education
    • Teaching as a Profession Internship
  • Game Design
    • Computer Literacy
    • Computer Science
  • Business Accounting
    • Computer Fundamentals
    • Business Explorations
    • CS Communications
  • Financial Services
    • Computer Fundamentals
    • Personal Finance
    • CS Financial Services

CTAE Elective Prerequisites and Course Progression

Students should take courses in the prescribed order within the chosen pathway to allow for maximum success as the student progresses to the upper-level courses. Students are expected to complete all prerequisites prior to enrolling in upper level courses. Prerequisites will be enforced in all courses. Courses with prerequisites should not be taken at the same time.

CTAE Courses

Additional Elective Offerings