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we want to see your talent! All students currently enrolled at GCA are welcome to participate. 

All students currently enrolled at GCA are eligible to participate in our 2021 Virtual Talent Show. Submissions will be separated into four different shows by grade level (Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12). 

Contestants that receive the most votes will win a prize! Prizes will include a Visa giftcard, a swag bag, and a trophy or certificate. There can be up to two winners per school: the contestant that is selected by the judge panel, and the contestant that is selected by the public vote. 

Note: If the same contestant is selected they will only receive one prize.

How it Works

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WHAT: Students submit videos of their talent (2min. max)

WHEN: Submissions are due by January 29th

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WHAT: A panel of judges will select 5 finalists from each grade level

WHEN: Finalists will be announced on March 15

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WHAT: You will have the chance to vote for your favorite finalist from each grade level

WHEN: Public voting will take place March 15 - 26. Results of the vote will be announced on April 9.

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Students must prepare a video (2min. max) of their talent by January 29th

View Judge's Rubric

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  1. Videos can be 2min. max
  2. Record your video in a quiet & well-lit setting
  3. Hold your recording device in landscape mode
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Click the button below!

Upload your video

Rules & Reminders

If your student's talent is something that is not traditionally recorded live, we encourage them to find a creative way to showcase their talent in video format. For example, artists can create a time-lapse of them creating their work, or create a presentation about their artistic process.

Talent must be the student's own original work. The following submissions will not be accepted:


  • videos where we cannot clearly hear and see the student
  • videos that exceed the 2 minute maximum
  • videos where the student is in violation of the GCA Dress Code
    • no clothes that are backless, show midriff, have cutouts, etc.
  • videos that include language/content that is not age appropriate
  • videos that violate the GCA Code of Conduct
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Examples of Appropriate Attire

It is at the discretion of the school to determine what content is appropriate. 

We know our Champions are incredibly talented, and we can't wait to see all of their amazing submissions! Any questions can be directed to Veronica Okpani at


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