1st Grade

a boy petting a lizard

Georgia families are discovering the benefits of personalized learning for their first grader at Georgia Cyber Academy. Thanks to the commitment of our state-certified teachers, caring school staff, and the dedicated efforts of involved parents as their child's Learning Coach, students in first grade across Georgia are receiving the holistic support they need to learn and grow as they use innovative online curriculum. 

In the first grade, Georgia Cyber Academy students build on those important fundamentals they learned in kindergarten, such as developing reading fluency; exploring the natural world; counting, reading, and writing numbers up to 500; telling time and counting money; and learning about lines, shapes, and colors. Regular real-time online classes provide a distraction-free environment where teachers can introduce new concepts and help reinforce the ones already covered in your student's daily coursework. 

And because we know face-to-face social opportunities are so important, we host in-person field trips and activities across Georgia for first grade students and their families, so they can connect with teachers, students, and parents in their area to build a strong school community. 

1st Grade Supply List

  • Markers
  • Crayons
  • Pencils
  • Notebook paper (wide-ruled)
  • 4 composition books
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Assorted coins to count
  • Small dry erase board
  • Small objects from around the house to use when counting and sorting in math

1st Grade Lead Teacher

Melissa Filiatreau

Melissa Filiatreau

Lead Teacher

1st Grade Directory

Brandi Baka

Teacher, Science and Social Studies Chair

Tyler Chitwood

Teacher, PE, Electives

Erin Morgan

Grades K-2 AIM Lead Teacher, Grades K-2 AIM Coordinator