Elementary Curriculums


Course Descriptions

Wowzers- Grades K-5

In Wowzers every question is mapped to both state and Common Core math standards. Student progress toward standard mastery is reported online in real time. Wowzers curriculum adapts to everyone, creating a customized curriculum that focuses on what the student has yet to learn.

FLVS Math- Grades K-2

FLVS Math offers a rigorous, robust digital curriculum to ensure students are college and career ready. FLVS courses are designed to provide a seamless learning experience within Canvas.

Odysseyware- Grades 3-5

The core of the Odysseyware® online learning program is a robust course library of standards-aligned, dynamic and pedagogically sound curriculum. Curriculum is designed to empower students to build proficiency, achieve content mastery, and engage in rich and challenging real-world applications.


GCA Math Website (K-5): math resources and links for all elementary grade levels.

GCA Math: Fact Fluency Resources: math fact fluency practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division including instructional videos, practice quizzes, and fluency games.

Khan Academy

Internet 4 Classrooms: standards based links and grade level "Skillbuilders" to help students practice what they have been taught.

LearnZillion: access short videos and additional teaching resources for K - 5 math. multiple resources including games and worksheets designed to provide practice for learning and reinforcing multiplication facts.

Xtra Math: fact fluency practice.

AAA Math: interactive arithmetic lessons. Unlimited practice is available on each topic.

Why is Math taught so differently now?

English/Language Arts

Course Descriptions

Learning A to Z- Grades K-5

Learning A to Z provides an extensive collection of resources and tools that make teaching easier. Provide high-quality resources needed to reach curriculum goals, and help students develop the 21st century skills needed to excel in the classroom and beyond.

MindPlay- Grades K-5

MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach® (MVRC) is an effective online reading program that is designed to improve reading abilities. It permits students with diverse skills and unique needs to read with control and precision.

Wowzers- Grades 3-5

In Wowzers every question is mapped to both state and Common Core ELA standards. Student progress toward standard mastery is reported online in real time. Wowzers curriculum adapts to everyone, creating a customized curriculum that focuses on what the student has yet to learn.

Writable- Grades 3-5

Writable supports schools in organizing their writing programs around research-based instruction and feedback.  Many students struggle with writing in elementary school, and Writable is a program to support students in becoming better writers.


ABCya: games sorted by grade level for learning letters, spelling, and making words.

ABC Teach: a free resource for reading passages that also includes multiple choice or written response comprehension questions.

Cando’s Helper: phonics and grammar activities for student practice.

Book Adventure: find a book, take quizzes on what's read, and earn prizes for reading.

Read Write Think: multiple resources for help with organizing thoughts and writing for the different style genres. There are graphic organizers and tools for comprehension, reading fluency, grammar, critical thinking, and spelling.

Super Summary Spelling Guide: spelling strategies, memory aids, and words to watch out for.

Spelling City: spelling practice and phonics games. a variety of games for parts of speech, spelling, and word.

Starfall: phonics games and activities.

Storyline Online: an online streaming video program featuring SAG-AFTRA (Screen Actors Guild and the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists) members reading children’s books aloud.

Into the Book: reading comprehension resource for with online interactive activities.

Spaghetti Book Club: a place for kids to talk about books and share their reactions, thoughts, and opinions.

Internet 4 Classrooms: concepts and skills for Language Arts and Reading.


Course Descriptions

Discovery Education- Grades K-5

Discovery Education is a global leader in standards-based digital curriculum resources for K–12 classrooms worldwide. Discovery Education has award-winning digital textbooks, multimedia content, and the largest professional development community of its kind.

IXL- Grades K-5

IXL's skills are aligned to Georgia Standards of Excellence and Georgia Performance Standards. IXL provides comprehensive coverage of science concepts and applications. With IXL's state standards alignments, students and teachers can easily practice questions specifically to each required state standard.


Social Studies

Course Descriptions

Gallopade- Grades K-5

Gallopade is an award-winning publisher of more than 15,000 educational products for children and adults. Founded in 1979, Gallopade has spent over 38 years building a reputation as a trusted, proven, source for products focusing on social studies, with an emphasis on history, geography, and biographies all correlated to state standards.

IXL- Grades K-5

IXL's skills are aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence and the Georgia Performance Standards, providing comprehensive coverage of science concepts and applications. With IXL's state standards alignments, you can easily find practice questions specifically tailored to each required standard.


Character Education

Core Essentials character education program involves the entire school community including students, teachers, and families. Each month the counselor teaches about the character education word of the month via class connect.  Each month, videos, activities and lessons will center on a value word and its accompanying definition (or application). Values reinforce three big ideas: treating others right, making smart decisions, and maximizing potential. 

World Languages

Course Descriptions

Rosetta Stone- Grades 1-5

Offered to students in good academic standing only

The best way to learn a new language is to surround yourself with it, so our proven Dynamic Immersion® method does just that. Interactive activities and contextual lessons advance you far more quickly than memorizing a long list of vocabulary. Sound like a local and fine-tune your pronunciation with our patented speech recognition engine–TruAccent. Learn on any device–including full access to our award-winning mobile app



Course Descriptions

FLVS- Grades K-5

Kindergarten- Get creative and express yourself! This course is all about inspiration, expression, and boosting self-confidence in each student’s creativity. Budding artists will explore music and movement and find inspiration in the world around them to create their own artwork. Students will learn about Spain through Picasso’s art, study textures in animals, and even travel to China’s Forbidden City!

1st Grade- Get inspired and embrace your artistic side! In this course, students will learn art techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, and paper making. Explore the Elements of Art like line, space, color, shape, and texture in the world around them, and connect them to artworks of master artists like Jessica Dismorr and Helen Frankenthaler. Join Cassatt Color, Salvador Space, Frank Form, and their friends while they explore the streets of Havana, Cuba and the landscapes of Guatemala in search of art.

2nd Grade- Be inspired to grow as an artist and learn from the masters! This course is not just about learning art, it is about creating art inspired by great artists. From the works of Jackson Pollock to Antoni Gaudi, students will explore the Elements of Art like color and line to learn how artists use them to tell a story, and then tell a story of their own! Discover where artists find inspiration in their own culture and tradition and how they show it in their art.

3rd Grade- Learn how to create Mexican papel picado or observe Dutch paintings in the Netherlands! In this course, students will learn the Principles of Design while they explore art from around the world. From the gestural lines of Edgar Degas to the organic glass sculptures of Dale Chihuly, students will learn art techniques that will fuel their creative spirit.

4th Grade- Explore the Lascaux Caves in France or lacemaking and street art in Brazil! From Impressionism to Pop Art, students will learn about many styles of art and how to appreciate artists in their own community. By creating works of art inspired by Andy Warhol and Frank Stella, students will build their art techniques by practicing rhythm, pattern, symmetry, and other Principles of Design.

5th Grade- Discover how Bridget Riley and Salvador Dalí use optical illusions to trick your eye with their artworks! No matter what a student’s interest—painting, pottery, glassblowing, sculpting, or graphic design, this course introduces students to all types of careers in the artistic field. Students will build on their art techniques, learn the art of critique, and travel across the world to explore how language and music influence art in different countries.


Health & Physical Education

Course Descriptions

FLVS Grades K-5

Kindergarten: On your mark, get set, move! Follow Frank, Miriam, and Ziggy the dog, as they guide students in ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Learn how to throw, catch, kick, strike, dance, swim, and do basic gymnastics while playing fun games, exciting drills, and completing a variety of moderate and vigorous activities. As students’ progress through the course, they will get to do Banana Stretches, hydrate at Hydration Station, read storybooks, and challenge themselves to fitness fun.

1st Grade: Jump to your feet and pump up your heartbeat! Gain locomotive tips by playing games like Walk, Run, Shuffle with Salvador, kick up those heels while learning cultural dances with Aiko, and design a lunch menu for the whole family. Whether you are learning athletic skills, gaining fitness resources, or working on strength and conditioning, this course gives students the tools they need to live a healthy lifestyle and hit 60 minutes of daily fitness. Ready, set, go!

2nd Grade: It's time to commit to be fit. In this course, students learn how to throw, catch, kick, strike, dance, swim, and do basic gymnastics while hitting their 60 minutes of daily fitness. Tag along with Riley and Ralph as they hustle for the muscle, play games, dance the Itsy-Bitsy Spider, and stretch the Cooked Spaghetti. Packed full of physical activities, this course empowers students as they design an exercise circuit, create fitness goals, plan a healthy meal, and imagine the perfect team mate.

3rd Grade: Get fit, feel great! In this course, get physical while having fun on the journey to becoming fit and staying safe. Join Maya and Kyle as they learn about healthy bodies, throwing and catching, dancing, and how to do it all while having a blast. Games like Guess That Sketch and activities like Heart Beat the Clock will keep students engaged and active for 60 minutes per day.

4th Grade: Pump it up! Throughout this course, students will develop skills in how to throw, catch, kick, strike, dance, swim, and do basic gymnastics. Follow Gene and Ava to learn stretches, develop workout plans, gain sportsmanship, and create manageable fitness goals. Lift more, stretch farther, and get your heart racing faster to feel the burn as you hit your 60 minutes a day of fitness.

5th Grade: Turn up the intensity! Dive into this course and learn how to throw, catch, kick, strike, dance, swim, and do basic gymnastics. Amp up the cardio with Kristen and gain tips on a healthy diet with Henry. Develop teamwork and sportsmanship while striving for 60 minutes of daily activity. Using videos and demonstrations, students will discover ways to jump-start their fitness through drills, games, and activities to meet their goals and improve their skills.

Health Resources

The following are suggested sites.  Certain links may contain subject matter not every parent chooses for their students to study.  We strongly recommend that the Learning Coach make certain the material is appropriate for their student. 

Learn To Be Healthy: health related games and information on topics such as nutrition, adolescence and the five senses. You will also have access to many other health related resources such as recipes and health tips directly from this site. Students will need to register and have an email account in order to login.

Kids Health for Kids: explore ways to keep bodies, minds, and insect bites clean and healthy! Students can research recipes, ways to deal with feelings and even how to prevent mosquito bites. There are games as well as a kid friendly medical terminology glossary. Also available in Espanol!

Children, Youth, and Women’s Health Services: health and practical information, recipes, kid friendly solutions to common problems and concerns, and interactive games.

Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia children’s website: take a tour of a ‘children’s hospital’ and meet the staff.  Explore the many floors of the hospital as well as learn the terminology used. 

National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences:  The NIEHS has developed this site to help kids make the connection between the environment and their health. The Read all about it! page covers information on environmental health, and the rest of the site brings together jokes and riddles, games and activities, art and word puzzles, and even a section on rewarding careers in the environmental health sciences. This page is more for fun and reinforcement than introduction of new material.

Colgate Kid’s World: learn about healthy teeth, play teeth related puzzle games, and print a teeth- brushing chart.

Children’s First For Health: read real stories written by children about their medical journeys.

The National Center for Environmental Health: understand what important jobs are done to keep the world safe and healthy! Learn what steps are taken in a natural disaster, how cruise ships and airplanes are made safe for vacations as well as learning about babies and children born with birth defects.

Medtropolis: articles about health, body, and medicine. Information about college, jobs, peer pressure, exercise, and recipes.

Action Hero Alliance

Dole 5 a Day: create and print personalized recipes, learn the history of fruits and vegetables using the online fruit and veggie encyclopedia, and play nutrition games. 

K-5 All Systems Are Go: Students are presented with a body system and a variety of organs. Students drag and drop all the organs that belong in that particular body system. 

BrainPOP Health: a multitude of health topics complete with animated videos and follow-up activities. 

Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.): material that reinforces the D.A.R.E. message. Areas that promote a positive self-concept, sections that encourage kids to say "No" to drug use. 

Explore Your Dream World: an exploration of sleep and how it can affect health. 

The Food Timeline: how foods have evolved throughout the ages.

Health Smart: education about germs, hygiene, and safety practices.

Abduction Prevention Program: Topics include “Abduction, Kids and Guns, General Safety, and Internet safety” 

National Crime Prevention Council: topics on Crime Prevention, links on bullying, child abuse and neglect, child development, and child safety. Access to on-line publications, books, articles, agencies and organizations.

Safe Kids: explore online safety.

PE Resources

The following are suggested sites.  Certain links may contain subject matter not every parent chooses for their students to study. We strongly recommend that the Learning Coach make certain the material is appropriate for their student. 

KID-FIT: an exercise program for young children. Warm-up, stretch, do aerobic exercise to strengthen hearts and lungs, strengthen muscles then cooldown and stretch for improved flexibility.  Learn how to develop healthy lifestyles from early on and why it's important.

KIDS GAMES: list of kids’ games that can be played indoors and outdoors.

CAN TEACH: a lesson that shows children how to control the ball with their feet. 

AEROBICS DICTIONARY: defines aerobics terms and gives illustrations to help better understand the term.

KIDNETIC.COM: quizzes, food analysis, and more to help your child become more interested in physical activity.

PE WARMUP AND COOLING DOWN: specific tasks for warming up and cooling down during physical activity. 


Accessing Your Assignments

One of the advantages to online learning is that all your assignments have been created ahead of time and are available within the course. There are no surprises; because you have a course schedule, you may work ahead. Lessons are conditionally released (unlocked) upon completion of the prior lesson.

Submitting Your Assignments

Save all assignments that are completed and submitted to your instructor, just in case. Always save a copy of what you submit either on a flash drive or on your computer’s hard drive. If there are ever technical issues, you have the assignments ready to submit again if needed. If a problem arises during submittal, email your teacher the assignment with a screen shot of what occurred. Otherwise all assignments should be submitted within the course. All assignment due dates are set and communicated using Eastern Standard Time (EST). Any assignment received after the due date and time according to Eastern Standard Time will be considered late.

Grade Response Time

Please allow a turn-around time of 3-5 school days after submitting an assignment during the Fall and Spring semesters and one school day during the summer semester, although you will often receive your grade sooner. For major projects, teachers may indicate a longer turn-around time for grading. Teachers will notify students when additional time is required to assess assignments such as projects. Keep the turn-around time in mind when planning your schedule so you can turn in assignments and still allow time for feedback.