Advanced Learners

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General Advanced and Gifted program qualifications are set forth by GaDOE guidelines and implemented in accordance with specific Georgia Cyber Academy program criteria. These requirements are subject to change year to year; therefore, students may need to re-qualify annually to remain in the A&G program.

Participants in the A&G are expected to maintain exemplary progress and achievement. If you feel your student qualifies for the program, please contact the Assistant Director of Advanced & Gifted Programs, Marchele Nelson, at for additional information. Please note that students must qualify each year to participate in the Advanced & Gifted Program.

Advanced & Gifted learning options also include Advanced Placement (AP), Acceleration, and Honors courses.  

The Advanced and Gifted Program (A&G) is a supplemental program designed to meet the needs of our advanced learners in a variety of ways including: enriched sessions, curriculum compacting, topic enrichment and extension, honors, advanced, and/or accelerated course planning and placement; along with other activities which incorporate academics, multiple intelligence’s, and social interaction.