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Family Success Liaisons offer individual support to GCA families each day...but that's not all.

10 Things FSLs Do That You May Not Know About

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By: Michelda Watson, Family Engagement Administrator


The Family Academic Support Team

The Family Academic Support Team is celebrating our ten-year anniversary this month.  Even though we have changed our roles and our processes over the years, one thing has remained the same—We LOVE our families!  Our Family Success Liaisons (FSLs) do so much for our families but you may be surprised to find out about these ten things our FSLs do that you may not know!

  1. Strong Start

FSLs support GCA families in so many ways, but one of the main ways is through our Strong Start/Onboarding Program.  This program serves two purposes; it is the building block of their relationships with our families, and it prepares families for success at Georgia Cyber Academy.  This year FSLs onboarded 7,322 new students and welcomed back 6,850 returning/prior students. 

  1. Re-registration

FSLs support our operations team by helping with re-registration.  They make sure each of our families can re-register for the following school year.

  1. Enrollment

FSLs support our Enrollment and Records department by assisting with enrollment.  Many extra hours are spent answering emails, returning phone calls, reviewing paperwork, and helping process applications to support our incredible enrollment team!

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  1. Testing

FSLs support the testing department too! Many FSLs serve as site coordinators, attendance monitors, examiners, proctors, and any other way needed during the Milestones testing season. 

  1. Community Events

FSLs support our Community Partnership Manager, Mrs. Tonette Price, by hosting and assisting face-to-face and virtual family outings and events.

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  1. Student Attendance

FSLs support the Compliance team by reaching out to our families when they are showing missing attendance.

  1. Student Engagement

FSLs support the Attendance Review Board by calling and informing families of meetings, attending meetings with families, and advocating for families when necessary.

  1. Student Withdrawals

FSLs support the Operations team by helping to process student withdrawals.

  1. Cross-Collaboration

FSLs collaborate with every department in our school by working with them to support our families at every level.

  1. The most important thing FSLs do—they LOVE their families—and are passionate about supporting our families in any and every way possible. 

So many of our FSLs go above and beyond their daily responsibilities.  Here are a few extra things some of them do:

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  • Open office sessions for families to receive additional support.
  • Send birthday cards and/or recognition cards to their students.
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  • Play show and tell with their students, and they LOVE them!!
  • Offer FSL hangouts as a time to get together!
  • Send out a monthly newsletter.
The Friday Flyer
  • Make engaging and entertaining bi-weekly videos for their families, so they are kept up to date with what is going on in the school.  Here is an example of one of these:
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Our FSLs are truly amazing, and they love supporting our families.  I feel very privileged to be a part of this hardworking team, and we are pleased to support our families! We CHOOSE EXCELLENCE as we strive to help all our families find success in online education. We invest in our families and are thrilled to watch them rise up, aim high, and soar at Georgia Cyber Academy.


Mrs. Watson has served in many areas of education since 1988. She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a B.S. in Organizational Leadership. Mrs. Watson has been involved with multiple facets of Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) since her arrival as a Learning Coach in 2007. She officially joined FAST as a Family Academic Support Liaison (FASL) in 2010, after three years as an engaged, passionate Learning Coach who was excited about GCA's unique method of delivering K–12 education virtually. Since then, she has worked with all grade levels within FAST and has served as a FASL lead for both middle school and high school where she helped design and implement the school's FASL program. Mrs. Watson served as the Family Academic Support Team (FAST) Assistant Administrator for two years, assisting in overseeing FAST's advisement, FASL, truancy, family engagement, and social work programs. She has served as the Family Engagement Director for the past few years where she works hard to reach her ultimate goal for all positions within FAST to support GCA's at-risk and struggling families, ultimately leading to their success within GCA's virtual environment.

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