Records Requests

To request student records:  

A new school or academic program may submit a formal request by fax or email.

Parent/Guardian may request student records by submitting a Student Records Release Form by fax or email. Please be sure to include photo identification.


  • Grades K-8: (877) 890-5486
  • Grades 9-12: (404) 684-8830
  • Special Education: (770) 372-5106


IMPORTANT NOTIFICATION: During periods of high volume, please allow 7-10 business days for processing student record requests. 

To Speak with an Enrollment & Records Specialist, please call: 470-400-7887 or email:

Student record requests may be received in-office, Monday - Thursday, 9am to 4pm and Friday, 9am to 2pm

Open Records Request

Under the Georgia Open Records Act (OCGA §50-18-70 to §50-18-77) all public records are open for personal inspection and copying, except those that are exempted from disclosure by order of a state of Georgia court or by law.

Open Records Requests should be submitted to:

Mike Kooi

GCA will provide information relating to the request, as permissible and applicable by law, within 3 business days after it has been received. If production of the information is not possible within that timeframe, the GCA Operations Manager will issue correspondence with an explanation.