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    GCA Hootworthy
    Student Is Hootworthy Explorer of the Year!


    In our latest Hootworthy podcast, we interviewed Noah, the Sumter County Fire Rescue Post #343 Explorer of the Year. Noah's dedication to fire rescue shines through his journey, revealing the impact of hard work and a strong sense of purpose. From mastering firefighting techniques to forming lasting relationships, Noah's story inspires others to pursue their dreams in emergency services.

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    Student is Hootworthy Barrel Racer!

    In our latest Hootworthy podcast episode, we sat down with Emalee, an eighth-grader at GCA and a rising star in horse barrel racing. Inspired by her love for horses and the excitement of rodeo events, Emalee began her barrel racing journey in 2020. With dreams of turning pro and competing in lucrative rodeos, Emalee is dedicated to honing her skills and achieving her goals while balancing her academic studies at GCA

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    GCA's 2023 Hootworthy Teacher of the Year!

    In our recent Hootworthy episode, Ms. Marian Hoyt, GCA's 2023 Teacher of the Year, shared her passion for teaching and her experience so far. Inspired by her high school teacher's passion, Ms. Hoyt embarked on a teaching journey driven by a commitment to student success and positive connections. Her story illuminates the transformative impact of education and the enduring influence of dedicated educators like herself.

    Read the Full Story about GCA's 2023 Hootworthy Teacher of the Year!

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