Students Outperform on SAT Scores at State and National Levels

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Students Outperform on SAT Scores at State and National Levels
Maria Blencowe

Atlanta, Georgia, October 2, 2023 - Georgia public school students have once again surpassed the national average SAT scores for the sixth year in a row. In particular, the mean score for Georgia public school students was 1045, which is 42 points higher than the national average of 1003. 

Students at the statewide online public school, Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), outperformed the state and national averages for both the Total Score Mean and Reading/Writing. Although GCA students fell slightly below the state average in Math, they beat the national average in this category.


  National State Georgia Cyber Academy
Total Score Mean 1003 1045 1071
Evidence-Based Reading & Writing Mean 510 534 564
Math Mean 493 511 507


This data reflects the performance of public school students in the class of 2023.  Learn more about Georgia's school and district level scores.


Georgia Cyber Academy is a leading online public charter school serving students from kindergarten through 12th grade in Georgia. With a focus on personalized education and flexible learning, GCA offers a comprehensive curriculum, dedicated teachers, and a supportive virtual community, enabling students to achieve academic success from the comfort of their homes.


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