Student Runs Hootworthy Cat Rescue

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Student Runs Hootworthy Cat Rescue
Halton Thomson

In our latest Hootworthy episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Autumn, an eighth-grader at GCA who is also a compassionate cat rescuer. Her journey into the world of cat rescuing began when a family property became a refuge for a feral cat colony. Autumn, alongside her grandmother, embarked on a mission to rescue kittens and prepare them for their forever homes.

With three years of professional cat rescue experience and a total of eight years dedicated to the cause, Autumn shared the details of their approach. For feral cats, the goal is to catch, spay or neuter, and release, unless the feline can be tamed for eventual adoption. The methods involve live traps, strategically designed metal boxes with enticing food, and a drop trap for more elusive subjects.

Autumn shed light on the heartwarming efforts to find suitable homes for non-feral cats after spaying or neutering. From rescuing multiple kittens at once to daring escapades, like retrieving a lost kitten stuck in a tree near a dog park, every experience in cat rescue has left an unforgettable mark.

A poignant lesson Autumn shared was the importance of not judging someone's circumstances, a wisdom gleaned from her cat-rescue endeavors. As she navigates her eighth-grade year at GCA, Autumn appreciates the flexibility the school provides, allowing her to seamlessly balance education with her passion for cats.

Autumn, your dedication to rescuing our feline friends is commendable! Keep up the fantastic work, stay hootworthy, and continue making a positive impact in the lives of these furry companions.

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