Student Is Hootworthy Explorer of the Year!

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Student Is Hootworthy Explorer of the Year!
Halton Thomson

In our latest Hootworthy podcast episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Noah, who recently earned the title of Sumter County Fire Rescue Post #343 Explorer of the Year. He noted that this award means that if he works hard, then he can accomplish great things in fire rescue. Noah's journey reveals that a strong purpose and work ethic can lead to success.

Joining the fire department's explorer program and training for firefighting and emergency medical services was a thrill for Noah. Inspired by his great grandfather and the work of local firefighters, he welcomed the journey with enthusiasm and grit. He also noted how grateful he was for the relationships formed and mentors gained along the way.

Winning the title of Explorer of the Year highlights Noah's hard work, positive attitude, and dedication. From mastering firefighting techniques to practicing his skills in first aid, Noah's commitment to service shines. He shared with us his experiences, such as using the jaws of life, putting on firefighting gear in less than two minutes, practicing communication drills, and learning how to interact well with others in a hierarchy, showcasing the variety of the program.

As Noah continues his journey towards becoming a firefighter and EMT, his story serves as an example and inspiration for others who would like to pursue a career in firefighting and emergency medical services. Noah sent shoutouts to his friends, family members, and leaders in the explorer program for all the help he has received. Congratulations again to Noah on this well-deserved honor, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for him. Stay Hootworthy, Noah!

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