Student Is Hootworthy Bull Rider

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Student Is Hootworthy Bull Rider
Halton Thomson

Many of our Champions have hootworthy hobbies, and our most recent interview is no exception! Easton has attended Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) for two years, and when he is not at school, he is busy riding bulls. Easton shared he has been a bull rider for over a year, but he has always wanted to be one ever since he was a kid. This is more than just a hobby for him because he hopes to be in the Professional Bull Riders Organization (PBR) one day. 

Even though bull riding is referred to by some as the most dangerous sport on dirt, that has not stopped him from pursuing his dreams. Easton has competed in around 30 events, all the while getting bucked, slammed, or stepped on by bulls!  Fortunately, he wears a chest protector and helmet to soften the blows, but not by much, as one can imagine what it is like getting hit by a bull no matter the protective gear.

At the events, riders are trying to ride for eight seconds because if they ride any less, they fail to score any points. There is no reason to ride over eight seconds, so if riders are skilled enough to last 8 seconds, they must dismount as cleanly as possible to earn a higher score. The rider is scored on the ride and the dismount plus the score of the bull. Easton said he has not made it eight seconds more than six times, but that is his goal every time he hops on a bull. Surprisingly, riders only get one chance to ride, so they must make it count!

There is plenty of training involved with bull riding, as Easton described. He trains on the bull once a week in addition to getting on a drop barrel and standing on a basketball for 20 minutes per day.  He also goes through body movement repetitions that train his body to counter the bull’s movement—bow chest out, avoid keeping a “C” in his back, and prevent his arm from going behind his body. 

Easton is very grateful to GCA for how friendly everyone is, especially his teachers and peers. He loves how he can bring school with him to some of his rodeos because even when he is traveling, he can participate in his classes. He wanted to thank his parents and GCA for the support. We cannot wait to see you in the PBR, Easton! Your GCA FAM is rooting for you. 

Keep soaring, but not off that bull before eight seconds!!

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