Student Earns Hootworthy Soccer Scholarship to Jackson State University

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Student Earns Hootworthy Soccer Scholarship to Jackson State University
Halton Thomson

Our latest Hootworthy episode highlights Elon, a 12th grade Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) Champion who earned a scholarship from Jackson State University (JSU) to play soccer! She expressed how much earning this scholarship meant to her, and how it particularly showed her that hard work truly can pay off. 

Elon began her soccer journey at the age of nine playing in recreation leagues, but quickly moved on to the more competitive select and travel club teams. The travel teams were always the most competitive—the most difficult to earn a spot and the level of play. The most recent travel team she played for required a two-hour drive, just for practice, four times per week! Of course, she is incredibly thankful for her mom driving her to and from all those practices. Elon shared that the farthest she ever traveled for a game was all the way to California! She loved traveling to different places because she was able to do more than just play soccer, she was able to explore the areas too.  

Elon prefers playing the forward position on the field because she enjoys scoring goals and having a bit more of an impact on the game, but she is always willing to play where needed. Much preparation went into getting Elon to where she is today: an athletic scholarship recipient. On top of practicing and playing on high level club teams, she constantly honed her skills while at home by using the rebounder in the backyard, dribbling around the house, and practicing with her siblings. 

Elon described a couple life lessons that soccer has taught her over the years:

1.       No matter how good you are, there will always be someone out there looking for your downfall.

2.       If you want something, you must work for it. 

3.       Actions speak louder than words—let your play do the talking instead of running your mouth. 

Elon has been a student at GCA since the 2nd grade, so she had much to pull from when asked what she has enjoyed most about being a student here. She emphasized the flexibility that GCA offered, like being able to take a test at Starbucks. She also loved the community events where she was able to socialize, meet new people, and make new friends! 

Even though she has loved being a GCA Champion, she looks forward to going to JSU. She is looking forward to the new environment and also exploring a new city including learning the different culture of the place. She is also excited about playing at the collegiate level as well as the challenge and growth that will come from that level of competition. With excitement also comes nervousness, like wondering how she will balance a college workload while playing college soccer. 

Elon plans to major in marketing while minoring in psychology. She wanted to give shoutouts to her mom (GCA Community Events Coordinator, Monique Sheffield), GCA faculty and staff, and friends. 

We can’t wait to see Elon on the pitch at JSU! What an incredible accomplishment earning a scholarship to play collegiate soccer! Go get some hat tricks, Elon, and stay hootworthy!

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