Student Creates Hootworthy YouTube Channel, Jumping Jack Productions!

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Student Creates Hootworthy YouTube Channel, Jumping Jack Productions!
Halton Thomson

We loved having our latest hootworthy 5th grade Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) Champion on the show, Jack! He created his own YouTube channel, Jumping Jack Productions, where he makes fun videos featuring toy photography or educational videos teaching science and social studies topics. One of the main goals of his YouTube Channel is to inspire others. He came up with the name of his channel one day playing hula-hoop with his brothers. They imagined themselves jumping through the hula-hoop to another dimension, so the logo and name was born.  

Toy photography isn’t the type of hobby one hears often, but it is about as straightforward as it sounds. Jack takes photos of his toys, but not regular photos. He tries to create scenes that are as realistic as possible using special effects, cameras, and photoshop. Some of the special effects include fireworks and fog in a can, or even a plunger to kick up dirt, dust, or ice. His latest project showcased a scene with ice hockey toys. 

His YouTube channel also features educational videos with the motto “kids teaching kids” where he covers science topics like physical change and chemical change or social studies content such as the Berlin Wall. Some of these videos are GCA assignments that he turns into video projects. Many of these projects involve collaboration with his dad, who helps him with some of the editing, filming, and special effects, with Jack doing most of the writing and acting. 

Some of the lessons Jack has learned through creating and operating his YouTube channel include valuable skills like filming, acting, photography, photo/film editing, and writing, along with how to teach and encourage others. 

One of the things he enjoys about being a student at GCA is how he finds time throughout the school day to accomplish most of his work, so he has more time after school to work on his hobbies. He loves schedule and flexibility at GCA which allows him to spend more time pursuing his hobby of creating educational and fun video content. 

He is open to the possibility of a career in media, but is enjoying his time with the YouTube channel as long as he can and the opportunities that come from it. He wants to shout out GCA, his teachers, friends, mom and dad, and his entire family. Be sure to check out Jack’s Youtube channel: and the excellent content! Stay hootworthy, Jack!

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