Student Creates Hootworthy Lego Stop-Motion Videos

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Student Creates Hootworthy Lego Stop-Motion Videos
Halton Thomson

In our latest Hootworthy podcast episode, we had the pleasure of chatting with Braylen, a talented 10th grader who crafts captivating Lego stop-motion films. We first discovered Braylen's skill when he submitted a video for GCA's Got Talent, our annual virtual showcase. Little did we know, he already had a collection of over 130 videos on his YouTube channel, Epic Brick Films.

Braylen's stop-motion process involves detailed steps: constructing sets, selecting figurines, scripting stories (or improvising), and meticulously capturing each frame. His talent show submission, a two-minute video, required a six-hour effort—a testament to his dedication. Over four years into creating Brick films, Braylen utilizes simple yet effective equipment like his phone, a tripod, and editing software, showcasing content ranging from Marvel and Star Wars to DC Comics and original concepts.

When asked which character he'd bring to life, Braylen chose the Mandalorian for an exciting armor-building day, including a jet-pack of course! Yet, his craft isn't without challenges; managing lighting nuances is crucial to avoid shadows and flickers that could compromise a shot. Offering advice to GCA students, Braylen emphasizes perseverance and pushing through challenges.

For Braylen, GCA's greatest perk is the ability to work without distractions, a conducive environment for his creative endeavors. As he gears up for next year's GCA's Got Talent, Braylen sends shoutouts to his supportive parents and brother. You can catch a glimpse of his impressive work on his YouTube channel, Epic Brick Films. Thanks for representing GCA so well, Braylen, and stay Hootworthy!

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