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Halton Thomson

We have many talented Champions here at Georgia Cyber Academy who engage in many different hobbies. Carmen, a 9th grader who has been attending GCA since 2012, has always been passionate about reading and writing. In fact, she began her hobby of writing stories in the 3rd grade. A GCA assignment last year led to her Hootworthy book website.

Carmen credits the creation of her website, BookCrown, to a project from her computer science class where students were tasked to create a website on anything they wanted. Carmen had a handful of stories she had written already, but never collected and organized them in a place where others could easily access them. She has a total of 8 stories now on her website, as she continues to increase her book collection. Carmen used the website Canva to add pictures to her books to enhance her stories with illustrations

Carmen’s stories are typically science-fiction, and they usually include a love story theme. She emphasized her preference for romance stories as her favorite to read and write. Carmen writes the stories essentially on her own, but she does get help from her mom for brainstorming and receives feedback from family. She mentioned the main audience for her stories are teenagers, but any science-fiction fans can read them.

She plans to continue writing and updating her website with new stories—noting she may even pursue writing as a career. Carmen praised her teachers and GCA for giving her the resources to further her love of reading and writing, along with her computer science teacher for the website project that turned into BookCrown, the place where she can house her stories for others to read and enjoy. We are so proud of Carmen, her website, and her writing pursuits, and we encourage our GCA family to check out Carmen’s website BookCrown.


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