Student Author Writes First Book

Patsy Collins

Mikayla, a GCA 10th grader, is passionate about creative writing. She recently finished her first book, and is in the process of getting published. Way to go Mikayla!

She was first inspired to write by her mom, who is a published author. Mikayla says "My mom is a published author and she inspires me. This summer she challenged me to write my own book. At first, I was nervous, I did not know where to begin. My mom said just to start small with short stories or just share my thought on paper. I wanted to write an entire book, but I am glad I started with just sharing my thoughts. I learned that if you have a dream just start and finish something. I am proud of myself for finishing."

Mikayla first started writing in 2015, and has always loved writing and movies. She loves anything that allows her to "visualize stories". In regards to being a GCA student in addition to her writing pursuits, Mikayla says "GCA gives me the flexibility to be in school and write when I feel like it. Last year one of my favorite classes was Business. It helped me see that writing is a business. It made me explore what exactly I wanted to do with my writing."

In the future, she would like to go into media, production and scriptwriting. She may even explore scriptwriting!

Thank you for sharing your story Mikayla! We can't wait to see what you accomplish in the future and will keep an eye out for your book once it hits the shelves.

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