Student Author Publishes Book Series

Patsy Collins

Xavier W. is the youngest and first African American published author of a fiction-based series in the United States. His recently published third book in the series "The Adventure of Firesky", follows Theo and his family as they travel to Luxor, Egypt. Once there, the characters learn about their connection with King Tutankhamun and a secret annex hidden in his tomb. We think it's the perfect quarantine read!

In addition to storytelling, Xavier will be featured in a documentary this summer, and had this to say about how it came to be. "In the 2nd grade I was diagnosed with Autism. For me and my family it meant I had a superpower few other people had. The power to focus on my passions and the things that truly made me happy. My mom gave me a challenge, she asked me how I felt when kids at my book signings told me that I inspired them to reach for their passions. She challenged me to tell others who inspired me, how they have influenced and changed my life. Since my goal in life is to be a filmmaker we decided to video -document the process of paying it forward to those who inspired my life. So, the documentary is about me, autism, my publishing journey, and mostly sharing the inspiration of how others helped me get on the road to achieving my dreams."

We are so proud of all that Xavier has accomplished while being a GCA Student. He shares that, "Becoming a GCA student impacted my journey because it helped me focus on school work and on my business. In public school I experienced bullying and everyday distractions. My only escape was my stories and my legos. When I became a GCA student, I finally felt like I could get the education I needed and pursue my passion for stories."

And what is Xavier currently working on? He is in the process of finishing up the script for a TV Show with his sister called PCI (Princess Central Intelligence), and completing the audiobook for his latest book. He is also working on a project called A Whole World of Stories, a contest open to students around the world where they submit a great story to and they select 20 to publish in their annual Anthology.

Thank you to Xavier and his family for sharing their story. We can't wait to watch their documentary this summer!

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