Georgia Cyber Academy High School Teacher Nominated for National History Day® Teacher of the Year

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Georgia Cyber Academy High School Teacher Nominated for National History Day® Teacher of the Year
Maria Blencowe


Georgia Cyber Academy High School Teacher Nominated for National History Day® Teacher of the Year

Atlanta, Georgia - Colleen Surette, high school teacher at Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA), has been nominated for the prestigious National History Day® Teacher of the Year Award. The award, sponsored by the Patricia Behring Foundation, is given annually to one high school and one middle school teacher in recognition of the pivotal role teachers play in the lives of students.

Colleen Surette has been teaching for 17 years, 8 at GCA, and has been an integral part of the social studies department. Through her dynamic teaching style and commitment to student learning, Ms. Surette has helped countless students develop a deep appreciation for history and its significance in our society.

Ms. Surette has also played an important role in the National History Day® program, encouraging and guiding students to participate in the annual competition. She has helped students develop their research skills and critical thinking abilities through the program, leading many to excel in local and state competitions.  In the past, two of her students have even reached the national competition level.

"I am humbled and gratified to be nominated for this award," said Ms. Surette. "I love the real world implications of social sciences.  It's all about working with others, understanding others, and realizing that you need to think outside of yourself.  Knowing who we are, how we got there, and why our world exists as it is may be one of the most crucial things to know, especially in our global community.  National History Day is all about thinking critically about different aspects of history, and looking at this information through a new lens.  It allows students to follow their passions, learn how to research, use primary sources, and learn from speakers of that day, which in turn allows them to begin determining their own opinions and writing evidence-based arguments.  History is no longer dead, lifeless, and boring, but full of passion, excitement, and curiosity, thanks to National History Day!"

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Teachers from 47 National History Day® Affiliate programs have been nominated for the Patricia Behring Teacher of the Year Award.  A full list of all nominees can be found on the National History Day® website. The national winner will be selected by a committee of experienced teachers and historians and announced on Thursday, June 15, 2023, at the National History Day®  National Contest Awards Ceremony in College Park, Maryland.

About National History Day®:

National History Day® is a nonprofit organization that seeks to improve the teaching and learning of history. The program provides opportunities for students to conduct extensive research in libraries, archives, and museums. They then present their conclusions and evidence through papers, exhibits, performances, documentaries, or websites, moving through a series of contest levels where they are evaluated by professional historians and educators.  Through the National History Day® program, students develop skills in communication, project management, and historical thinking.

About Georgia Cyber Academy:

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) is an online, tuition-free, public charter school serving students in grades K-12 throughout the state of Georgia. GCA provides a learning environment where students are empowered to reach their full academic potential through active participation in live interactive classes and an engaging curriculum that supports individualized and differentiated student learning paths. 

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