GCA's 2023 Hootworthy Valedictorian

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GCA's 2023 Hootworthy Valedictorian
Halton Thomson

Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) has many amazing students including Natalia, who recently appeared on the school's podcast, Hootworthy, to share her achievement of earning the title of GCA's Class of 2023 Valedictorian. Natalia spoke about her journey to becoming valedictorian and what it means to her. She highlighted the long nights, dedication, and hard work that paid off to achieve this goal.

Aside from being an excellent student, Natalia has a passion for adventure and exploring. She is a certified scuba diver and rates scuba diving as one of the coolest things one can do. She loves to see the diverse marine life, and her dream is to dive with hundreds of sharks (could be a nightmare for others). Natalia has already completed 20 dives, including a 94-foot cave dive, and understands the importance of being safe and always diving with a buddy.

In addition to her adventurous side, Natalia is an analytical and creative individual who loves to cook, bake, and write poetry. She even won first place for the school’s MLK peace poem last year. Natalia also enjoys traveling and has already visited several countries including Costa Rica, France, and Italy.

Natalia advises other students to explore extracurricular activities and clubs to discover themselves outside of academics. She amassed 60 college credits while in high school through dual enrollment at GCA, and she will be starting her junior year in college at Georgia Tech in the fall, majoring in industrial engineering and possibly minoring in computer science.

Natalia's 5 for 5, five things she wants to accomplish in the next five years, includes skydiving, scuba diving, rappelling down a waterfall, wingsuit flying, and hot air balloon riding. She is motivated by her passion for traveling and wants to visit half of the countries in the world.

Natalia is an excellent example of a GCA Champion who represents her 2023 class well as their Valedictorian. Her success is a result of her dedication and hard work. Natalia expressed her gratitude to GCA, Hootworthy, and her amazing dual enrollment counselor, Ms. Rose, and her physical science teacher, Ms. Newman, for their support. We cannot wait to see what incredible things Natalia will accomplish in the future. Congratulations, Natalia, stay hootworthy!

Check out Natalia featured in the Rome News Tribune! 

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