GCA's 2023 Hootworthy Teacher of the Year!

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GCA's 2023 Hootworthy Teacher of the Year!
Halton Thomson

In our most recent Hootworthy podcast episode, we had the privilege of sitting down with Ms. Marian Hoyt, GCA's 2023 Teacher of the Year. With over a decade of teaching experience, including three years at GCA, Ms. Hoyt brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to the classroom.

When asked about her time-travel destination, Ms. Hoyt’s imagination took her back to the 1700s in the United States. She envisioned herself amidst the passionate debates surrounding the Constitution, intrigued by the historical significance and relevance of the discussions.

Ms. Hoyt’s journey into teaching was deeply rooted in childhood dreams of playing school and educating her stuffed animals. It was her high school AP English teacher's unwavering passion for teaching that ultimately inspired her to pursue a teaching degree at Georgia State University.

Despite the challenges of balancing coursework and a full-time job, Ms. Hoyt persevered, landing a long-term substitute position before securing a full-time teaching role. Her favorite aspect of teaching lies in the connections she forms with her students, from heartfelt conversations to unexpected gestures like a student making her a small chair as a token of appreciation.

Although Ms. Hoyt’s expertise lies in teaching ELA and SS, if she could teach something else for a day, she'd opt for math, drawn to its logical and problem-solving aspects. Her advice for fellow educators, students, and parents at GCA emphasizes the importance of communication, participation, and maintaining a positive attitude.

Beyond the confines of the classroom, Ms. Hoyt enjoys outdoor adventures, hiking, and quality time with her furry companion. She expresses gratitude for the unwavering support of her colleagues and leadership team, whose guidance has been instrumental in her teaching journey.

Ms. Hoyt's dedication to her students and her enthusiasm for education make her a standout teacher at GCA. Her journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of teaching and the enduring impact educators have on shaping young minds. Stay Hootworthy, Ms. Hoyt!

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