Senior Awarded $40,000 Scholarship from Amazon!

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Halton Thomson

We are incredibly proud and excited to share that one of our 12th grade Champions, Zoey Johnson, was awarded $40,000 from Amazon thanks to its Future Engineer Scholarship. Amazon selects students interested in computer science careers for the scholarship and awarded a whopping $10 million to students this year. Zoey was one out of 250 students this year who received the scholarship, and she could not have been more surprised by the honor. In fact, Zoey mentioned she was hesitant to even apply: "I was in that stage where you're fearful of rejection, really. So, you're just iffy about whether or not you want to apply to these big opportunities."

Zoey was lured to the GCA office under the impression she was filming a commercial for the school; however, she arrived at the office to what appeared to be a modest Amazon package, all the while housing the $40,000 certificate. The surprise reveal and emotional, ecstatic reaction that followed was all captured on video. Zoey was able to celebrate this amazing accomplishment surrounded by family, and GCA faculty and staff. We cannot wait to see the bright future Zoey has in store, as she starts her journey toward a career in computer science!

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