Meet our February Family of the Month!

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Patsy Collins

The Georgia Cyber Academy Family of the Month program recognizes and shows appreciation to one family each month who demonstrates enthusiasm, commitment to learning, positivity, and active school involvement. Families are nominated by teachers and support staff.

The February Family of the Month is the Robinsons! Charles and Stephanie Robinson have 4 children, and their 3rd grader is currently enrolled at Georgia Cyber Academy. They also have several pets!

"We have two fish named Lemon and Orange, and a puppy named Duchess who's really energetic!"

The Robinsons were chosen as this month's featured family because they are "very involved in their student's education by being there and guiding her through the process of learning. They are actively involved by coming to meetings, interacting with the teacher... and being a part of the school itself." 

The Robinsons also love to dance and travel, and share that "Our favorite places to travel are Florida and Michigan. We enjoy going to the beach and collecting pretty seashells to bring home and buying cool souvenirs. We also like playing in the snow and visiting family. Some of our favorite things are watching movies in our living room and making funny Tiktoks."

Thank you so much Robinson family! We are excited that you chose Georgia Cyber Academy for your family. 

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Photo collage of the Robinson Family, our February Family of the Month
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