Class of 2020 Salutatorian

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Christina Miller

Christina Miller has been a student at Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) for nine years. She started in elementary school as a fourth grader. Now, she is about to graduate as a 17-year-old and has been named Salutatorian of GCA’s Class of 2020. Christina has enjoyed being a virtual student at GCA and says, "I strongly believe that having been a part of this school for so long has helped me to develop an independence that would not have otherwise been possible." She goes on to say that her online education has provided her with a "skill set that will prove to be extremely useful moving forward into college and adult life."

A member of National Honor Society, Christina has an outstanding work ethic. She has served as a volunteer at her local library since she was twelve years old and was hired as an intern last summer. Bel Outwater, library manager, was interviewed for the YALSA Blog in October 2019 and commented, "Having an extra person to help during the summer was amazing, but seeing Christina step up and lead programs was an extraordinary experience. We provided her with tools and opportunities, and she performed beyond our highest expectations. We labeled our teen summer learning program a success for many reasons (higher participation, higher attendance.), but watching Christina bloom with confidence was a highlight of the summer."

In addition to volunteering and interning at the library, for the past two and a half years, Christina has worked at a local stable in exchange for riding lessons. This experience has helped shape her goals for the future. Christina ultimately dreams of becoming a large animal veterinarian. This specialty branch of animal medicine focusing on horses and other stock, including cattle, is an area of critical need in Georgia as well as the Southeastern United States. Once Christina made the decision to study veterinary medicine, she began shadowing a local vet to start accruing hours she will need for graduate school.

In the fall, Christina will attend the University of North Georgia (UNG) to study Biology and has been accepted into their Honors Program. After obtaining her undergraduate degree from UNG, she hopes to attend the University of Georgia's (UGA) School of Veterinary Medicine.

Congratulations, Christina!

Class of 2020 Salutatorian: Christina Miller

The Georgia Cyber Academy (GCA) Graduating Class of 2020 consists of approximately 750 students.  More information about GCA can be found at

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